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Steam Crash on Launch

PCNA- anyone else crashing upon launching the game? Can't even get past login screen. Crashes to deskstop. Using Steam. 3 times in a row, no luck D:
Edited by ZOS_Bill on July 21, 2021 9:51PM
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  • DreamyLu
    I'm PC-NA too, on Steam and have no problem.

    One thing I can think of: have you checked that your Steam is opened once only? Steam has to be closed via the menu and clicking "Exit". If we don't do that, like for example "closing" Steam with the X in the upper right corner, it's a fake closing and Steam remains opened (hidden): next time we open it, we then have it double and that causes troubles, like the game crashing upon loading.

    For that reason, on my side, I have pinned Steam to my taskbar. The advantage is that if I have Steam doubled, it appears in the taskbar as "Steam (2)". I then know where is my problem. :)

    Hope it's "only" that, otherwise, no idea. Good luck.
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  • essi2
    Try validating the game files via the launchers repair function if you haven't.

    PS. Don't use the steam repair function.
    Edited by essi2 on July 19, 2021 5:19AM
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  • TempPlayer
    The first step in troubleshooting. Have you try rebooting the OS?
  • ZOS_Bill
    Our help article below contains troubleshooting that can help resolve crashes in ESO you may be encountering.

    What do I do if ESO is crashing with the error "ESO has stopped working"?
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