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Public dungeons are one of the worse ideas...

  • Hexo
    a11051605 wrote: »
    Srsly? After reading this all I have to say is qq. Public dungeons are just that a dungeon open to the public were every one can loot and grind in an increased difficulty setting thats it. Dont like it? Dont grind in one. Go in get your skill point n GTFO and as far as bots/people camping the boss I could care less. I just want to go in and get out and get my skill point. If I want some epic boss fight battle I will go do a private dungeon with my guildies. Pff you people are what is wrong with the world today. "I dont like it so ima qq tell you change it or spoon feed me".

    Seriously. Public dungeons are broken with these bots/campers, needs fixing.
    Edited by Hexo on April 25, 2014 9:37PM
  • Hexo
    They are a great idea actually, they just need a lot of tweaking. First, they need to make the boss at the end of them much more difficult. Second, they need to only let you loot that boss once, after the first kill you should only get 2 gold or whatever. Third, they need to limit the amount of players per instance of said public dungeons to about 10 or 15. I was in some the other day and there were about 20 players in it... half of them were bots. There were no mobs to kill, no challenge what so ever. I ran through an empty dungeon just to tag the boss at the end and collect my skyshard and leave.

    They are completely useless in the current state of things. They need to be A LOT more challenging and rewarding, both with loot and enjoyment.

    If public dungeons lived up to all these points, I'd sure like them a lot more, thumbs up!
  • CapuchinSeven
    a11051605 wrote: »
    Pff you people are what is wrong with the world today. "I dont like it so ima qq tell you change it or spoon feed me".

    This forum is for discussion of things we like and don't like about the game. You know what else is wrong with the world? The kind of people that walk into a coffee shop and complain that everyone is drinking coffee. You're that guy.

    Dungeons here are awesome, but they could use some balance and feedback.

    I'm really really sorry that you feel that sort of feedback is what's wrong with the world. I only hope I can become a better person like you.
    Eris wrote: »
    You know, I remember when DDO came out and everything was a bunch of instanced dungeons.

    Public dungeons are fine, but implementation needs some work. What you're saying isn't really related.
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