Beginner's Guide to Argonian Templar Healer in Elder Scrolls Online


So you want to become a Rootmender? Ah! We will see.

Why Argonian?
They have specialized healing Race Passives like 6% more healing done, and when they drink a potion they get all 3 resources back by a large ammount. You'll never run out of magicka. Plus, they are cool AF !

- Spell Power Cure - White Gold Tower
- Hollowfang Thirst - Moongrave Fane
- Vestments of Olorime - Cloudrest
- Sanctuary - Banished Cells 1 & 2
- Worm's Raiment (Worm Cult) - Vaults of Madness
- Jorvuld's Guidance - Scalecaller Peak
- Master's Perfected Restoration Staff - Dragonstar Arena (Non-Perfected Version) [This is a MUST HAVE Staff]
- Stone-Talker - Rockgrove

- If you need Body Pieces or Staffs, do the Dungeon on normal and then upgrade them to Purple Quality.
- If you are needing Jewelry, do the Dungeon on Veteran Mode for Purple Quality.

Monster Sets - Veteran Mode Dungeons
- Sentinel of Rkugamz - Darkshade Caverns 2
- Earthgore - Bloodroot Forge
- Nightflame - Elden Hollow 2
- Symphony of Blades - Depths of Malatar
- Troll King - Blessed Crucible

General Addons
- Merlin's Heal Helper - Tells you who needs healing (You can customize the % of HP)
- Merlin's Rez Helper - When someone dies, an arrow will appear under your feet pointing you to the person who died. Great for intense situations where lots of AOE's are on the floor.
- Purge Tracker - When someone needs a Purge, their name will appear in a box in red color. Useful for many Trials and DLC Dungeons.

Trial Addons - These are MUST HAVE Addons
- Raid Notifier - Tells you when to block, dodge, evade and more mechanics in both Trials and Dungeons.
- Code's Combat Alerts - Use this in conjuntion with Raid Notifier. They complement themselves.
- Hodor's Reflexes - This addon will allow you to "share" your ultimate % so you know who has Horn, Barrier and Collossus. That way, you dont use the same ultimate (Agressive Horn) at the same time.

Team Compositions, Positioning and Other Tips
- Always avoid using the same sets as your other healer. Try to ask what thay are wearing, and change accordingly.
- A templar and a Warden are the best Combo in Trials.
- Always stay behind your team, your heals don't heal backwards.
- If you want, ask them to huddle together a bit more so its easier for you to keep everyone alive.
- Remember to place your Illustrious Healing on your teammates, and keep them buffed with Combat Prayer.
- Use elemental Drain on Bigger Mobs and Bosses.
- Keep throwing Luminous Shards and Energy Orbs to your teammates so they can get more resources by Synergyzing with them.
- Breath of Life is an emergency heal, only use it when *** hits the fan.
- Extended Ritual should always be on the floor, it provides a heal over time and a cleanse synergy.
- Use your Agressive Warhorn when a Boss Battle starts.
- Use Channeled Focus to gain Resistances, Magicka & Health.
- Spam Radiating Regeneration, its one of your main sources of healing over time.
- If you're running out of magicka remember to heavy attack with your Restoration Staff.


Front Bar Setup
- Breath of Life
- Radiating Regeneration
- Extended Ritual
- Illustrious Healing
- Combat Prayer
- Agressive Warhorn

Backbar Setup
- Energy Orb
- Channeled Focus
- Overflowing Altar
- Elemental Drain
- Luminous Shards
- Reviving Barrier

Champion Points

- Treasure Hunter: 50 Points
- Rationer: 30 Points
- Liquid Efficiency: 75 Points
- Steed's Blessing: 50 Points

- Steadfast Enchantment: 50 Points

- Soothing Tide: 50 Points
- Swift Renewal: 50 Points
- Enlivening Overflow: 50 Points
- Fighting Finesse: 50 Points

- Eldritch Insight: 20 Points
- Precision: 20 Points
- Blessed: 20 Points
- Quick Recovery: 20 Points
- Elemental Aegis: 20 Points
- Hardy: 20 Points
- Preparation: 20 Points
- Piercing: 20 Points
- Flawless Ritual: 20 Points
- War Mage: 20 Points
- Tireless Discipline: 20 Points

- Boundless Vitality: 50 Points
- Ironclad: 50 Points
- Rejuvenation: 50 Points
- Slippery: 50 Points

- Tumbling: 30 Points
- Defiance: 20 Points
- Mystic Tenacity: 50 Points
- Hero's Vigor: 20 Points
- Hasty: 16 Points
- Tireless Guardian: 20 Points
- Fortification: 30 Points
- Nimble Protector: 6 Points
- Savage Defence: 30 Points
- Sprinter: 20 Points
- Bashing Brutality: 20 Points

- Thief
- Atronach
  • Amerises
    Pretty much alcasts build, however you're using energy orb vs blockade, and I've thought about this many times, but concussion gives minor vulnerability, and with a lightening staff, shock enchant, and charged trait, could easily have the debuff up 100% of the time as long as it's down. The other common source is a warden, which most groups have, but its such an awesome debuff, having multiple people making sure it's up is pretty important. Would you rather have 5% more dps for your entire group, or a 1k HoT and synergy when you're already giving two synergies?

    As a dps or tank, I rarely have sustain issues as is.
  • Rootmender_Inky
    Agree, there are many ways this can work. :p
    I shared the "vanilla" fits all build I use. No idea Alcast used it. But come to think of it, this build is very similar to my Progression Setup.
    But yeah, you can swap those skills over and still be alright, no doubt :smiley:
  • Rootmender_Inky
    For reference, these are a few Logs with a similar setup you described:

    vHoF HM SR -

    vRG -

    You can see in different Bosses I use different setups, for example, in vHoF's Poison Boss, I go for Curse-Eater. A niche set, but very useful in that particular Boss. Or on the AOE heavy Spider Boss I go for Gossamer with hasty prayer for the extra speed it provides the team to finish quickly.
    On the vRG one, Perf. Stone Talker works very well during the whole Trial. Troll King helps a lot during the Trash Mobs (Guys with Big Bonk).

    It all depends on the content you're running, really.

    Hope I've helped a bit <3
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