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Cyrodiil daily endevor not working?

Soul Shriven
So I have been trying to get the "Kill 1 Delve boss in cyrodiil" daily endevor and I am finding I am not getting credit. Killed all 3 in Cracked Wood Cave and nothing.

Anyone getting this endevor to tick?
  • LashanW
    It works when you kill an NPC at a resource flag. Don't ask me why...
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  • markulrich1966
    attack a resource (like mill or farm), this counted for me on EU and NA.
    On EU I killed the mage in the tower, on NA that one did not count, but one of the other guards.
  • kmcaj
    So broken then
  • pazrael0321
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah, verified. This can be completed by killing guards at a resource, not by killing delve bosses
  • CristiC
    Golden Saints at the Hammer spawn, trolls, giants and mammoths work as well. Basically any boss-like enemy that's outside the damn delves lol
  • ghost_bg_ESO
    On EU worked in some delve close to Vlasatrus. On NA killed 3 delve bosses and and finally went for lockpicking chest in Rift zone.
  • VaxtinTheWolf
    I spent 20-ish minutes in the closest AD delve with Spriggans and Thunderbugs(?) in it. The Tier 2-3 bosses did not give credit, but the basic Tier 1 Spriggan boss at the far back did give credit. I don't understand.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Thanks for the reports, everyone! Just wanted to confirm we are aware of the issue called out here and are working on getting it fixed for the future.
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  • TequilaFire
    Yeah popped for me when I killed a keep guard.
  • AcadianPaladin
    Whew, glad I chose three of the other endeavors. :*
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  • skepticck
    Killed all the bosses at the Cracked wood cave delve, no credit :( weren't these endeavors tested?

    edit: yep Killed guard at a keep and got the credit 🙄
    Edited by skepticck on June 30, 2021 7:44PM
  • roykirkb14_ESO
    Killed a delve boss a few times with no credit, but killed some kind of ghost guard outside of something and got the credit. Was definitely not a delve.
  • Monte_Cristo
    Town quest mini bosses also count. I got the goblin chief near Cropsford and someone had the Imperial Leutenant at Cheyandel.
  • Deanathrae
    The delves aren't coded as being IN Cyrodil, which is likely the problem.

    When we had no proc sets working in Cyrodiil, they still worked in the delves.

    And you can't get a scroll turn-in if you're in a delve.
  • PigofSteel
    It just works for me.
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