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Error 318 on login


Straight away from logging on a character I left in the IC base yesterday, I get kicked off from the server.

My guess that there are a lots of character in the IC base now and the game request the graphical for them one by one on login, too many at once so the server consider spamming. Because what I experience is that the game finishes the loading screen after login, displays just the outline of some characters, then start loading something and more graphical elements like some pets start appearing, and then the game disconnects.


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Edited by ZOS_Bill on June 28, 2021 8:00PM
  • Sluggy
    You have too many addons trying to share information with your allies and they are exceeding the limit that zos has put in place. Try disabling some or even all of them. The biggest culprits in my experience at Combat Metrics (which is usually off when in pvp by default) and Bandits UI. Also many pvp-oriented addons like to share info which often duplicates messages sent.
  • xv1_me
    It’s not your add ons, you sent too many messages in chat at one time.
  • Sluggy
    It can happen with addons too. Many group-related addons send messages to one another every time an event occurs. And if you have multiple addons sending messages due to the same events you will easily hit the message cap limit (which I believe is usually about 1 message per second with a slight tolerance for excessive messages for a short period to account for latency spikes)
  • ZOS_Bill
    For help with troubleshooting Error 318 please see our FAQ here. This help article will go over possible causes and steps you can take to get further assistance.
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