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New player looking for guild

I'm new to ESO. I have 4 characters to level 50 (pie and cake events), 300+ CP, and not much else yet. I'm looking for a guild that will help me do all the important things to fill out my characters.

I've joined a trading guild to help make gold, but the guild isn't really focused on helping build out new characters.

What I'm doing.
I'm working on leveling Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothier, Enchanting, and Jewelry. Provisioning and Alchemy require recipes or mats that I don't have yet, but is in progress. As I get the crafting skills to lvl 50 I will start dailies. I'm doing dolmens to acquire gear, weapons, and jewelry to break down for mats and level the crafts and to grind CP. None of my characters are geared as my focus was on leveling during the pie and cake events, but working on overland gear to get started. I have been leveling ledgerman and farming Mother of Sorrow gear to earn gold to increase bag and bank slots. I'm also putting some time into leveling the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood for the passives as they help with earning gold and farming mats to level crafts.

What I need.
I'm looking for help in doing delves and public dungeons for skyshards, I can get the overland skyshards on my own. I'm also doing zone quest lines for the skill points (trying to knock two zones out each week, but some quest lines take awhile).
I would also like to get some experience running dungeons. I need to learn the bosses and mechanics and gear from some of them would be nice.
I need to get started into the undaunted quest line. I can do this on my own but help would be greatly appreciated.

Skill points are the choke point for me right now. I have lots of passives that I can't take advantage of yet. Gear and CP's are the next hurtle I want to work on. I expect that CP's will probably be one of those things that will be 'in progress' for a long time.
There is a lot I don't know. The fastest way to learn is to go and do with people that know. I can type, but if I'm running with someone doing something - talking to them is a big bonus. I can learn more just listening to them.
My focus is on two of my characters. One a farmer and the other a tank. I want to get to the point that I can tank normal dungeons which means I need gear and to learn the dungeons and their mechanics.

What I'm looking for ...
A guild that has events or members willing to help a noob with delves, public dungeons, normal dungeons, dailies, ... and lots more. I need an active guild and not a guild with lots of ghost members.
Like I said above, I need to learn. The small text blurbs chat offers isn't enough, I need to talk to people smarter than me on Tamriel and all things included. I need a guild that has discord and members that use it daily.

Right now I can't offer much in return, but I do believe in paying back the generosity of others. I don't do drama, I don't beg, but I do intend to become the richest person in all of Tamriel.
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