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[solo] Survive death traps in DLC and -II dungeons?

Have there been successes? I noticed in both of Fang Lair and Shada's Tear there seems to be a limit somewhat and may be "cheated":
  • Fang Lair second boss(es): the trap appears to ignore my 32k armor and keeps drawing HP, and only releases me when it's close to the end (doesn't matter whether I have 20k or 40k). But when I got more HP, I got higher percentage of HP recovered immediately after the trap, and able to survive the attacks immediately after death trap.
  • Shada's Tear - Blacksmith Zifri: the easiest. Her supposedly one-shot kill killed my companion, but I survived 3 without doing anything, merely by thick armor and high HP.
  • Shada's Tear - Queen of the nereids: I kept getting pulled and once my companion died it's too difficult to keep fighting. The companion just stood idle on places where poisonous water burst out and required a lot of healing.
Could champion skills help? Like "Slippery"? or special sets that grants a shield, boosts HP or accelerates recovery when dying? Or maybe by holding magic shield for me and my companion all the time? (with very slow killing of enemies)

Best Answers

  • Argonianv2
    Check this this for some mighty help.

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  • PrinceShroob
    If you're interested in soloing dungeons that were designed for a group, you can use the Psijic ultimate Undo to escape from pin mechanics. If you take the Precognition morph, you can use the ultimate while crowd controlled and escape from the pin, meaning you don't need a second player to complete the mechanic and release you.

    For Fang Lair's second boss, the Death Grip mechanic is on a timer. You have about 55 seconds to burn down the senche; once the senche is down, you won't get Death Grip again until it respawns. Once it respawns -- in about a minute -- Death Grip will occur immediately, so you have a bit of time to defeat the guar and end the fight. However, you'll need Precognition to escape from Sabina's Spectral Chains (and Ulfnor's uppercut is no joke, either).
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  • moo_2021
    correction: for Fang Lair, it's 32k resistance in total which seems to get ignored completely. I don't have damage-reduction champion skills yet. And the high HP alone is not a guarantee - I still died after a new wolf(?) was spawned.
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