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Argonian and Khajiit for next Companions

Beast races need more representation.
  • Ryuvain
    Not sure that it would be good representation, but they do need more. I'd buy them, but seeing clones would still annoy me.
    That one khajiit obsessed with werewolf behemoth and vampire lord. Lady Thorn is bae, dont @ me.
    Werewolf behemoth=vampire lord>blood scion>werewolf>vampire.
  • RedMuse
    Personally I'd like a Redguard lady.
  • Anyron
    yes please. i have blackwood bought but i am still waiting for argonian companion.

    Xukas would be great. But i could only play max 10h per day so he can have his 14h sleep time
  • Amottica
    High elf and as suggested, redguard.
  • TheImperfect
    Mim - Jasa would be good.
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