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Let Me Hear Your Characters' Back Story!

Mine is a little long but I love the way it came together. I always play in Cyrodiil so this would make sense for my character. I wish a feature like back story would be put in the character description in game one day. Now show me your character backgrounds:) Any criticism is welcome, I know very little of eso lore so any is appreciated.


Seratopia is a young open minded altmer who has distant family ties with Queen Aryenn. Her connections to royalties opened a path way into becoming an ambassador for the Aldmeri Dominion. Though, she does indeed have royal blood, she prefers to keep this to herself throughout her travels in fear of capture and interrogation from the opposing alliances.

Her choice to leave her home and become an ambassador was heightened after witnessing many of her kinds' condescending behavior towards the other races. Because of this she never had a love life amongst her kind and would gladly look elsewhere for a partner in the future, perhaps an orc, ugly but with a great personality? A khajiit, probably too furry for her liking but cuddly? She knows there are plenty options but that as it may she is in no rush to be married.

Growing up, she frequently visited the Mage Guild with curiosity of its doings. The members welcomed her and eventually took a liking to Sera after noticing her growing passion with magick. After years of studying among her peers, she considered herself a skillful sorceress to be reckoned with for she exceeded extremely well in dark magic, storm calling, and even daedric summoning. Learning what she had with magick was a very valuable asset to obtain in order to protect herself while traveling between alliances in Cyrodiil. Even though ambassadors have the right of safe passage according to which territory they travel, there is no guarantee the other alliances' warriors will keep to that promise. An encounter early into her ambassadorial role had left her looking over shoulder many a travel. After visiting pact officials and taking her leave a group of pact dunmer, apparently upset with a casualty of a comrade attacked Sera holding a dagger at her throat while shouting to everyone in ear range why they should allow dominion altmer scum to travel in their territory so freely after so many a dunmer, nord, and orc died because of "her" hand? Plenty looked upon the event and many fell silent until a frail old nord woman stepped in and put the dark elf in his place for she did not agree to harming ambassadors due to her son being such for the pact.

It's the experiences like these that Seratopia hopes she can mend the racial hate, encourage peace, and play her role into ending the Three Banner War.
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  • Seratopia
    Seratopia wrote: »
    Mine is a little long but

    You obviously haven't read mine.

    Hope the link works. If not...give me a month or two so I can compile all of my works.

    That was a very enjoyable read! It definitely felt like I was reading a story. Not sure if you would like critique but I noticed you write plenty of indicators of who had spoken like "sola said" "mother answered" etc. I'm not aware of the down packed literature rules but I always thought if two characters are speaking it is okay to leave out the indicator because the quotation mark gives the end and beginning of each of their dialogue. Unless they do an action or a third character pops in. Pick up a nearby book and you'll see what I mean. I am a terrible explainer and hope I made sense here.

    I also gained a little bit of lore knowledge from your work. Great job and thanks for sharing! Sola seems like a formidable opponent in the battlefield!
  • Totalitarian
    Seratopia wrote: »

    That was a very enjoyable read! It definitely felt like I was reading a story. Not sure if you would like critique but I noticed you write plenty of indicators of who had spoken like "sola said" "mother answered" etc. I'm not aware of the down packed literature rules but I always thought if two characters are speaking it is okay to leave out the indicator because the quotation mark gives the end and beginning of each of their dialogue. Unless they do an action or a third character pops in. Pick up a nearby book and you'll see what I mean. I am a terrible explainer and hope I made sense here.

    I also gained a little bit of lore knowledge from your work. Great job and thanks for sharing! Sola seems like a formidable opponent in the battlefield!

    I know what you're talking about. I'll admit that my dialogue writing is a bit wonky and unorthodox.

    But there's plenty more where that came from. You can dig up some on the forums, but the rest, just wait until I'm done with it / post it. It'll be done soon.
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    Read their adventures!
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  • Seratopia
    Seratopia wrote: »

    That was a very enjoyable read! It definitely felt like I was reading a story. Not sure if you would like critique but I noticed you write plenty of indicators of who had spoken like "sola said" "mother answered" etc. I'm not aware of the down packed literature rules but I always thought if two characters are speaking it is okay to leave out the indicator because the quotation mark gives the end and beginning of each of their dialogue. Unless they do an action or a third character pops in. Pick up a nearby book and you'll see what I mean. I am a terrible explainer and hope I made sense here.

    I also gained a little bit of lore knowledge from your work. Great job and thanks for sharing! Sola seems like a formidable opponent in the battlefield!

    I know what you're talking about. I'll admit that my dialogue writing is a bit wonky and unorthodox.

    But there's plenty more where that came from. You can dig up some on the forums, but the rest, just wait until I'm done with it / post it. It'll be done soon.

    Awesome! Looking forward to another reading. I wish zos would add in a feature in game to read a character's bio or story. I would read them all day. Thanks for sharing and I hope others post their characters as well. I noticed this sub is a little slow in traffic unfortunately.
  • menedhyn
    I like this, Seratopia. There are plenty of interesting things there to influence how you play your character, and I like the idea of trying to end the war rather than join in.

    My two characters have bits of backstory interwoven in the builds. You can find the build for my female Khajiit, fey-vetha'a, here and my male Breton, Menedhyn Bek, here.
    Seratopia wrote: »
    I wish zos would add in a feature in game to read a character's bio or story. I would read them all day.
    That's an interesting idea. I'm all for little changes and improvements to aid with roleplay, but sometimes the fun comes from interacting with the character in-game and learning about the person through dialogue or shared experiences. This is why my written builds are deliberately brief; a teaser, of sorts.
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  • Seratopia
    paganach wrote: »
    I like this, Seratopia. There are plenty of interesting things there to influence how you play your character, and I like the idea of trying to end the war rather than join in.

    My two characters have bits of backstory interwoven in the builds. You can find the build for my female Khajiit, fey-vetha'a, here and my male Breton, Menedhyn Bek, here.
    Seratopia wrote: »
    I wish zos would add in a feature in game to read a character's bio or story. I would read them all day.
    That's an interesting idea. I'm all for little changes and improvements to aid with roleplay, but sometimes the fun comes from interacting with the character in-game and learning about the person through dialogue or shared experiences. This is why my written builds are deliberately brief; a teaser, of sorts.

    Wow! I am jealous of your writing ability haha. It's so smooth and both so unique. I also love how the characters themselves are speaking instead of what I did with a narrator. :blush:

    Yes, I agree. That would be fun but there is no text chat on ps4 yet. So that would be a little hard to do!

  • Eporem
    I really enjoyed reading these too, and I hope as well that a type of add-on can be created that allows players to read backstories on characters they come across in game. It would aid I think in finding other roleplayers, even if only to know they are open to this.

    This is Dreams-Many-Dreams, who wishes as well to discover her Black-Marsh name. One of three characters I currently play, she was created to learn more of the Argonian lore.


    An Argonian slave since her birth, to a Dunmer Priest of Vaermina, she was the subject of his experiments in Alchemy.

    More notably, in his quest to create Vaermina’s Torpor and in order to judge the draughts effectiveness, she was given to drink the hundreds of different concoctions he made to achieve this.

    She became prone to ‘dreaming many dreams’ in some she feared for her life in others there were more pleasurable things, though in time she could no longer distinguish if what she was experiencing was a ‘dream’ or not.

    Just after her Master’s death, a death which resulted in her freedom, she ‘dreamed’ another ‘dream’ and ‘awoke’ within the shade of a giant tree.

    Her memories were filled with words that can be spoken to summon those that would aid her, of dark crystals and gems and of voices whispering of paths she could now follow.

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  • ankhor8
    Born 2E 545, 8 First Seed. I was abnormally born two months before my egg siblings, under the sign of the Lord. Raised amongst Kota-Vimleel. As a hatchling, I initially grew in the marsh. I was a natural alchemist with an inclination for combat. I left the protection of the pack to explore, harvest, and taste test plants. While out I saw a fellow scale skin being captured by elven slavers. My intent to help resulted in my capture.
    My first suckling of sap as a hatchling caused my veins to pulse grow and glow. I was told the story of my veins as hatchling and decided to call myself Tree-Blood during my captivity. Tree-Blood is a foreign style name since i was captured before my naming day and remember little jel.
    I have two egg-brothers and an egg-sister that I have grown with. Although I was mostly a loner because i was born two months earlier then them, my one egg-brother admired me from a distance, since he was mostly away in Shadowscale development. The few times he returned to the marsh, it seemed as though it was specifically to meet me. He often stated things about my experiences that only I knew. Although it was unknown to me how exactly he knew these things, I trusted him and was at ease with the fact.
    He was a leader of sorts and had another of our brothers follow him around closely, mimicing him. I often thought about how my capture affected him, yet knowing he had our family reassured me he would be well.
    After nine years of survivng captivity in Tel Aruhn, I seized the opportunity to escape when a Ra-Gada pirate unit attacked the telvanni stronghold. I happened to harpoon a Dunmer necromancer that resurrected a recently killed pirate to attack the ship captain. As a result, she welcomed my presence on board. Of course, the past four years of the khahaten flu effecting Tamriel made her and her crew wary of accepting me, yet the fact that I saved her life and honor(since killing a Ra-Netu would be dishonorable) outweighed that concern. Being in and on the sea allowed me to once again develop my aquatic attributes and sparring with the Ra-Gada helped me train in armed combat. Ideally I prefer hand-to-claw combat with little to no gear, yet in this climate, I have mastered Heavy armor with a blunt two handed maul. For agile pleasure I switch to my poison and diseased dual wielded hammers.
    ANKHOR was a title given to me by the Ra-Gada because of my ability to stay well rooted, stable and pivotal in principle as well as combat, like the anchors they use so frequently. M.S.F. is an acronym for their sea clan. I have carried these as a sign of respect, while insuring they were always reminded of my firm allegiance to my hatch-ling brethren.
    After eight years of travelling, training and learning their ways, I returned to my leel. The signing of the daggerfall convenant and the Akaviri invasion changed the environment of the Ra-Gada and the seas. It was a wise period to depart and aligned with the events following. I returned only days when I was fortunate enough to be apart of General Keshu the Black Fins and Heita-Meens Shellback movement north. We clearly changed the balance of the combat and seemed to surprise the Akaviri as much as Dunmer. General Keshu and Heita-Meen were impressive leaders. One was more strategic and decisive while the other was more raw and immediate. Although officially, Almalexia granted us freedom by abolishing slavery, we were already in the act of taking and claiming for ourself.
    Although my Hist connection had mostly dissolved over the fifteen years of absence, my bodies ability to absorb the sap as it swells in my veins, allowed me some degree of faintly hearing the whisper after six years of rigorous effort to rekindle it. The SoulBurst drastically aligned my essence to that of the Hist and my egg kin.
    I have always been for my Marsh egg kin. Meeting my hatchling siblings was a very agreeable experience. Hearing Kota-Sax-Blood tell me about his Shadowscale years and his developed magic abilities has been endarkening.
    My brother was put in a deep sleep following the Soulburst. At times his body faded in and out of an electrical state, so we keep him in a canopy elevated from water. He met me in my dreams, or more like we shared them. We toured a Marsh similar yet different than our own. With stuctures different then the Xanmeer, yet with a population organized like the men and mer. In addition, there were strict rules distinguishing our Black Marsh leel from the other Tamriel inhabitants. We both were very inspired by this vision and took note that the name these Saxhleel claimed was An-Xileel.
    There have been deadric anchor like structures falling from the sky and deadra appearing out of minor portal type lights. In addition, the ebonheart pack is now engaged in a war with other Tamriel men and mer. I may now end up fighting my Ra-Gada brethren from years back. Regardless of my respect for their contribution to my present state, all who verse my Saxhleel kin will submit or perish.
    I will begin exploring and guarding our lands more in the following days. If Kota-Sax-Blood remains sleep, i will leave him to the care of our Raj and egg-siblings. I will begin my travels at White Rose Prison.
    Ankhor MSF Tree-Blood
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  • subtlezeroub17_ESO
    Name: Kazrian Dawnspell , born in Cyrodill. Raised in Sunhold

    Race: Red Guard/Altmer

    Class: Templar

    Birth Date: 2E 559, 25th of the Eveningstar

    Mothers Name: Zuri (most redguards do not have surnames), born in Sentinel, 2E 526

    Fathers name: Saruman Dawnspell, born in Sunhold, 2E 522

    Saruman’s family is an ancient Altmer family of mages and scholars, with deep roots in the psijic order and then later the mages guild. Saruman was sent to the local mages guild along with his two brothers and sister and became quick studies. After many years serving as a teacher of restoration and scholar of necromancy, Saruman moved to the Cyrodill University of Mages to continue his studies and teaching as well as setting up shop in the city as a healer for the less fortunate.

    Zuri was a Red Guard woman born from a merchant family in Sentinel of Hammerfel. Zuri left her home to be a pirate after being the only daughter of three other siblings who wanted so much more. As well as dishonoring her family after learning magic from a wandering Breton merchant who taught her in secret in his home for years. After being discovered by her father when she accidentally summoned a daedra after attempting a spell of telepathy to learn the secrets of a local merchant competitor. Her father was disgusted and made her promise to never cast magic again. Naturally, she declined and took her leave to Cyrodill with her Breton master (who had to clean up her mess by purging the Scamp back into oblivion) and he ultimately became a father figure to her. This Breton was also part of the University of Mages and brought her there for learning after he convinced the guild to allow her inside while he took permanent roots in Cyrodill and she stayed with him.

    Saruman and Zuri crossed paths during an outside lecture by Saruman with his students as he healed and restored a child who was cursed with a black disease of deadric origin. She was highly intrigued with his skill and after several weeks Saruman took notice. As an Altmer, he was highly curious to know why a red-guard women had any interest in the arcane arts and thus began his frequent conversation with Zuri and her experiences living in a society that hated magic. One year later mutual interest turned into friendship as he watched her blossom into a strong study of the school of Mysticism and Conjuration and then two more years later, friendship dissolved his once Altmer superiority complex into love.

    Together they created a child and Zuri and named him, “Kazrian”. Saruman then gave him the last name of “Dawnspell” after himself as he was nicknamed as such since he was a master of restorative magic.

    Kazrian Dawnspell is man in body and takes very well after his mother with pristine brown skin. However, his elven paternity leaves him with gifts that no other red-guard can have without the blood of a powerful and magical Altmer family that Saruman has. His ears have a slight point, his eyes are yellow with a subtle glow like his father and he also has a strong talent for magic, most especially, light magic.

    During the wars within Cyrodill, Zuri and Saruman fled and became adventurers in the world for four years. Together they raised Kazrian and taught him all the magic they possessed, eventually returning back to Sunhold, much to the chagrin of his family. His family eventually learned to love Zuri as well as the boy. Kazrian grew up with very strong Altmer cultural influence and even though he had the looks of a red-guard man, his subtle elven features and talent for magic, was enough to grant him a pass in Altmer society.

    Today, he is a loyal Aldmeri Dominion civilian and while still receiving the occasional raised nose from the more pompous and traditional Elves, he still considers himself just as Altmer as they are. However, he still recognizes his Redguard heritage and maintains a shaky relationship with his red-guard family on occasion.
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  • ankhor8
    Born 2E 545, Second Seed. I am a hatchling of the Kota-Vimleel tribe, yet like most, I hatched Second Seed and joined the Shadowscales. I had three clutch-siblings i regularly played, trained, and spoke with. Two of them were Shadowscales with me, the other was not and grew up primarily with our tribe.

    He was born 61 sunsets before me. That is rare and brought him a lot of attention. Some stated he was to be great and helpful, others that he was harmful and to be repelled. He stayed to himself and away from others. I seemed to be one of the few he spoke with. I respected his discipline and looked to him as a nassa. We only returned to our thtithil uxith tzel rarely and for short periods. Although my clutch-brother, who now goes by Ankhor Tree-Blood, was rarely spoken to compared to the others living with me, I knew him deeply.

    I've always remembered a vision of myself hatching. As a growing hatchling, some nights i would visualize going out into the marsh and explore. Unlike the regular day or night imaginations we all may have, these were only visual and remained regardless of my will to change things within it. Around six or seven years after Thtithik helped us here, I was listening to Tree-Blood tell me about his last two months, and firmly learned my visions were of his life, literally. I did notice similarities throughout life, yet just gathered it was common for us Saxhleel to imagine such common tasks and scenarios, since we often may view images of things we may not have physically experienced.

    I kept that awareness to myself and learned him well. He was more strict than he presented himself and was strongly interested in the Hist and all plant life. I respected him much, obviously, and almost had the experience of living two lives via my one way connection to him.

    My twin clutch-brother, Haj-Eix, seemed to blend-in in any environment and would sometimes follow me and Tree-Blood on our marsh travels. He respected me like i respected Tree-Blood. He was always wearing gear that would assist in matching him to our environment and often seemed to measure points of view in an area well. Because we looked almost identical when young, he used that to divert attention away from him to me sometimes. I strongly disliked that, and in hind sight, should may addressed it more strongly at an earlier in life.

    As we hatch, we suckle from the Hist. I was told my veins swelled, darkened and were pulsating. This same unique effect happened to Tree-Blood. This indicated a connection between us to the Thtithik's and Raj's and was something we discussed among each other when out on our walks.

    Haj-Eix and i were were called on for our naming day a with great anticipation. Two days before, i visualized Tree-Blood engaging some dunmer to free a captive Saxhleel and became captive himself. My request to go to the village to protect them from a dunmer attack was doubted, yet mildly investigated. They noticed him missing the next day, yet the rain made it hard to track and they already had time to reach the border.

    I was named Kota-Sax-Blood which means "Black-Root(Hist)-Blood" because of the effect that occurred again, as i took in the Hist for the ceremony. Haj-Eix means "Hidden-Scales" which fits well for him and his chameleon style of living. Tree-Blood was absent, until the Akaviri Invasion. He came back with the term Tree-Blood as a reference to our similar effect of consuming the Hist. He missed his naming ceremony, so he named himself.

    Many stars signs have passed until the my first vision from Tree-Blood. He was now a captive in a foreign land. Although I still gave took note of the visions to learn of that foreign land and culture, the bulk of my attention has shifted to the dark brotherhood evaluation process. Part of this process involved information reconnaissance.

    On one of my first missions, I was sent to retrieve some info and return my a set day and time. I acquired the info ahead of schedule, and began my quick return, anticipating additional merit for the early accomplishment. In the act of my haste, i experienced something for the first time. i teleported forward a great distance. Unfortunately, the destination was in the mist of an enemy stronghold, and i was not yet skilled enough to battle or sneak my way out. I had to wait until an opportunity arose to depart.

    By the time that occurred, i was late returning. to return late with the story of what occurred may have been accepted with a dislike, if not for what my brother did. At some point in time he did some act, posing as me. As a result as this, I was deemed a liar. They decided i disobeyed. Being that it was my first strike, i was an initiate, and i presented forgiveness, they allowed me to continue.

    My magical abilities began to flair as i intern invested attention in training them. On day, unknowing to me, Haj-Eix dumped water on a sleeping initiate and somehow gave them the impression it was me. The following night, that same initiate got a water hose to spray me in my sleep. I happened to be visualizing Tree-Blood being assaulted and was tense as a result. The moment that water hit me, I raised up and my body became electrical. This electricity traveled along the water path and electrocuted the initiate to death. Killing a dark brotherhood initiate was fully unacceptable and i was put to suffer the Wratih of Sithis(Seth).

    I barely survived, with the help of my recently acquired magical abilities, yet decided to return to the Kota-Vimleel and study Shadowscale and Saxhleel knowledge independently.

    I returned to around the beginning of the khahaten flu. Those known as the Lilmothiit and the Kothringi were dying in quickly. Tree-Blood was receiving extra scrutiny, yet around 564 he escaped and i was introduced to dark skinned men called Ra'Gada or Redguards. Meanwhile, i engaged in a much more free exploration of our march as a byproduct of this flu. Although many died, i was pleased our tzel has less foreigners.

    While vicariously learning the two-handed maul from Tree-Blood visions, I trained my area effect magical abilities in the now more barren marsh. I also learned much from Keshu the Black Fin, and traveled with her when i was able too. i trained, explored and freed slaves with her and her legion up until the Akaviri invasion when Tree-Blood returned.

    Here we finally reunited for battle, and it was a great one. We devastated the foreigners and surprised the others. We returned to our village and began to share life stories, train and get Tree-Blood re-accustomed to our Saxhleel way of life.

    It's been about seven cycles of the twelve seasons and something strange occurred. A large blast or burst occurred that was only heard by a few in our village. Over the next few days, my head began to hurt tremendously, my abilities seemed to be activating independent of my will and my Tree-Blood visions were occurring sporadically and at dangerous moments.

    I need to rest now, since rest often heals thyself.


    Stay Moist + Seth Salute
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  • Eirikir
    Name: Marcus Valerius
    Race: Cyrodilic
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 9th of Last Steed, 2E 547
    Birthsign: The Warrior
    Title(s): Imperial Centurion (Formerly)
    Marcus comes from a good and prosperous merchant family who for generations called the Gold Coast their home. At the age of 14 was sent to serve in the Imperial Legion by his family in the hopes that honorable service would render financial rewards and connections in the future.

    He served as a frontline fighter and in time earned much respect and honor for himself. Then came the legalization of Daedric worship, the toppling of the Emporer for his crimes, a new Emporer... all the while despite the political madness, Marcus continued to served the Empire. There came a day when during this time Marcus found love. He courted and soon married a young woman from the Imperial City named Corinna. Their love was great but short. Marcus soom lost her to death and the light seemed to go out of him. He resigned his commission and left Cyrodiil for mysterious reasons.

    Making his way to Skyrim Marcus still kept an ear to his homeland. First there came news of the Soulburst, and the Empire's plunge into madness. It was all he could stand when he learned that his former superiors had begun to preform necromancy on his fallen comrades. There was little he could do for his homeland, so he continued on his journey. Hiring himself to any small job he can, he drifts from place to place, always keeping to himself, always searching for something. What? No one knows.
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    Race: Nord (Lycanthrope)
    Class: Dragonknight (Range DPS)
    Playstyle: Crafter, PVE, PVP, Roleplayer
  • VelJharig
    While it's not my character's backstory directly, quite some time ago I wrote up the backstory of my guild's historical origins in the game, and some of the major characters to be found connected to that guild. That story can be found here:

    History of The Guardians, Vol 1: The Turn of a Blade
    History of The Guardians, Vol 2: The Paths of Change

  • MTrent24
    Michael Fahara'jad is the oldest son and rightful heir of King Fahara'jad with an unknown Redguard lady.When he was young he was sent away to prevent a scandal and grew up not knowing his three siblings Maraya, Lakana, and Azah. After becoming of age, Michael enlisted with the Aldmeri Dominion in effort to regain control of the Sentinel Palace.
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    Prince Michael Fahara'jad is the oldest son and rightful heir of King Fahara'jad with an unknown Redguard lady.When he was young he was sent away to prevent a scandal and grew up not knowing his three siblings Maraya, Lakana, and Azah. After becoming of age, Michael enlisted with the Aldmeri Dominion in effort to regain control of the Sentinel Palace.
  • Chiba_Emi
    I hope this is lore-friendly cuz I started to play as my main character in Morrowind and had no backstory for her into ESO :cold_sweat:

    Name:Reyvyn Dulni
    Race: Dunmer
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 10th of Sun's Height 2E 509
    Age: 73 (in elven age that'd be around 20ish or 16ish I guess)
    Birthsign: The apprentice
    Place of Birth: Mournhold, Morrowind. In the temple of the Tribunal.

    Her story so far: She was born on the 2E 509, in the blessed capital city of Morrowind, Mournhold, her father is the Tribunal Priest, Urvel Dulni and her mother is unknown. She was raised both by her father, and his close friend, Gavas Drin. She soon left The City of Mounrhold into the island of Vvardenfell, without any success of finding anything useful. However, she was taken by a slave master Orvas Dren into his small Plantation. She spent a good amount of years as his personal slave, but was rescued 20 years later by Como Nightshade, a assassin Bosmer, who was walking his Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces (I didn't find when it was written or when Vivec did his pilgrimages). She then joined to his Pilgrimages and got closer with him.
    They then headed towards Iliac bay into the town of Wayrest, to meet The King Emeric, who was young at the time, but they were asked to help him and make sure no one was trying to assassinate him or made sure he didn't ran away from his duties.

    She had three Children with Como, two daughters and one son. Casath Drin, who was named after Reyvyns step-father/teacher Gavas Drin. Usandra Nightshade, who was named after her father, Como nightshade and Selene Dulni, who was named her mother

    After another 40 years, Como left Reyvyn to deal with his family business into The town of Haven, in Valenwood. She then ran away as well from her duties as the Kings assistant back to Mounhold, where she spent around 13 years in peace and quiet, until later she met her faith and her soul got captured by Molag Bal. In front of her fathers eyes.
    She then escaped the Prison with the assistance of Lyris Titanborn and the Prophet into the land of Stonefalls, where she began her journey towards Mournhold to find her Father, her teacher and her dear dear husband.

    Personality; She's a mother-figure and really caring and loving, she can be hard headed sometimes, she also doesn't see Argonians or Khajiits as Slaves, Nords and Orcs as the ''dumbest races'' or the Humans as the threat for the elves. She might be a priestess of the Tribunal, but when it comes to the other races, she's really open minded with them.
    May the Three Bless you

    Reyvyn Dulni - EP
    Chiba Emi - AD
    Lilith Gilvion - EP
  • subtlezeroub17_ESO
    Name: Kazmius Telvanni
    Class: Magicka Night Blade (Blood mage)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Birth Sign and date: The shadow, born 2E 560
    Place of Birth: Port Telvannis
    Family: Azarkan Telvanni and Nephithah Telvanni are his parents and he has 3 siblings. An older sister who is 33, and two younger siblings both 15 and 19.


    Kazmius Telvanni was born into the great Telvanni house in 2E 560 in the port of Telvannis in a great manor off the coast of the island. His parents were Azarkan Telvanni and Nephithah both powerful mages as would be expected to be a member of the Telvanni house. Generally, the boy grew up clad in silks, fine clothes, and gold beyond one's imagination. His family owned several Argonian slaves who worked in the manor. In the year, 2E 569 at the mere age of 9, Azarkan began to groom his son to represent in the Telvanni house. He could not groom his much oldest daughter because she chose the life of an explorer and researcher of magical artifacts and the youngest two children were babies. Therefore, Kazmius was the obvious choice. Azarkan was to introduce Kazmius to the Telvanni council in Sadrith Mora to learn the intricacies and dangers of the court.
    During their two week journey, Kazmius came upon a small town of Dunmer with Argonian slaves working the fields. Almost instantaneously, Kazmius met a young Argonian by the name of Augustius while Azarkan was at the local inn preparing a room for the two, their carriage servants and horses. That night the two children played together until Kazmius was called to bed. Naturally, as a child he did not know much about slavery and elven superiority and considered the reptilian boy a friend. Augustius had no family as he was captured as a young child to be sold to the land owner of the town. Therefore, as they were to leave the town, Azarkan noticed his son enjoying the Argonians company and therefore made an expensive purchase of the Argonian child to be a servant of Kazmius when they returned back to Port Telvanni. Augustius and Kazmius would soon become close friends, much to his families chagrin.

    In 2E 571, the formation of the Ebonheart pact was created but the Telvanni house was a staunch defender of keeping their slaves. However, in 573 certain sects within the house eventually abolished slavery in hope of keeping good graces of the other houses and to prevent aggression from the pact. One of which was Azarkan and his families plantations and manor. Most Argonian’s left the service of Azarkans family and some stayed under the conditions of payment and shelter as the rest of the Dunmer still were not accepting of the freedom or the Ebonheart Pact in general. Augustius was one of the former slaves that stayed with the family under Kazmius. The two of them were secret lovers. Their relationship was considered taboo to prevent shame of the Telvanni family, up until recently.

    Kazmius is one of the supporters of the Telvanni house taking a step back from slavery and has and still is trying to bring his house to accepting the complete release of slavery alongside his partner, Augustius. His father first resented their relationship however, he has learned to accept their relationship. His mother, Nephithah was very supportive as was his sister.


    He is a very humorous being and a people pleaser. In contrast, he is also a staunch politician and very perceptive and wise due to being groomed for the court. He is progressive minded and wishes only the best for his house.

    As well as being very silver tongued, he practices a brand of magic known as “blood magic”. He manipulates and drains life force with naught but a thought and incantation as is needed for the dangers of Dunmer politicking. He is also very adept at creating shadow images of himself and is a master of illusion magic.
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  • kendellking_chaosb14_ESO
    Oh and I use Crusher enchants -5120 both resistances so that's 20k off your resistance.
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    Star of Chaos: Frost Blade Champion
    Chaos-Lightning-Tower: Lightning Shield Master

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  • Vuldovahkriid
    Name: Valtyr Stormblade
    Class: Dragonknight
    Race: Nord
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 8th of First Seed, 2E 554
    Birthsign: The Warrior
    Title(s): Ambassador of Alliances(formerly), Fugitive of Justice(framed, current), Lord Commander of The Order of the Northern Sky

    Valtyr is a descendant of one of Ysgramor's, Five Hundred Companions. Born on Solsthiem, to Valdarr and Almira. They traveled to the island to seek out the Skaal, due to Almira having complications. They sadly could do nothing to help, but Valdarr heard a voice on the wind, "I have power to save him...He need not die...But one must pay the price". As any grief stricken parent would do to save their newborn, he agreed. Shortly after the new family returned to their home near Windhelm, for Valdarr was a member of Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair's Queenguard, and his wife one of her Spymasters. At the age of 18, his world came crashing down around him. Akaviri invaders led by, Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, attacked the city in an attempt to locate the "Ordained Receptacle". Valtyr and his mother were able to escape the city, but his father stayed back to defend the queen. They eventually settled in Riften with all the other refugees, but word never came of his father's fate. Pain and sadness took over him, and he vowed to discover the truth behind his father's disappearance. Not too long after the forming of the Ebonheart Pact, he set out on his own. For 10 years he traveled the Northern coast, assisting those affected by the growing hostilities. In 2E 582, the Planemeld began. The vessel Valtyr was aboard, Northern Sky, anchored off the coast of Stonefalls, near Ash Mountain. The crew witnessed as giant anchors came forth from the sky, impaling the ground beneath; Molag Bal's had begun his invasion. Their ship was quickly overrun by Daedra; the crews hands put in binds. The next thing Valtyr remembered was a dagger in the heart, and a dark cold cell. The price had been paid. But the story continues...
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    Vulsahvith- Argonian NB CP810

    Illidan Highborn- High Elf Sorc CP810

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    Ra'zaq- Khajit NB CP810

    Aelya Proudmoore- Breton Sorc CP810

    Broxigar Saurfang- Orc DK CP810

    Lady Sylvannas Windrunner- Dark Elf NB CP810

    Lord Anduin Wyrnn- Breton TP CP810
  • Elara_Northwind
    I wouldn't really say that I think up back stories for my characters as such, but as a Breton in the Aldmeri Dominion, one has kind of grown over time for my Templar :blush:

    As it turns out, her parents were eaten by crocodiles when she was a baby, and some travelling Bosmer merchants found her and bought her back to Valenwood where she was adopted by a Bosmer family, and has remained ever since :lol:
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  • Suter1972
    I don’t know enough about the Lore to come up with dates etc, however I do like to have a basic back story in my head when I create a character. I then use that through the character creation process and try to keep to it as they develop in the game. Doesn’t always work.

    Heres mine.

    Young female Breton called Hota. Lived as a fisherman daughter on the north coast of Glemumbra. The house was remote, just off the beach and a great place to grow up a child. Her mother died in child birth as she was an older lady but had also given birth to an older brother 5 years before.

    He left to join the armies in the alliance war as a young recruit and thats the last she saw of him. Her father often stood outside the house on an evening. she used to watch him through the window as she laid. He clearly thought she was asleep as she could her him sob. She never knew what to do, what to say, what makes such a proud grown man feel such way.

    Early morning was her favourite part of the day. She often awoke to the smell of Dhurfish smoking on the fire and rather than being on her own, she liked to go with her father in the small fishing boat on his daily fishing trips. One day after a poor days fishing, as they were leaving their sheltered cove, a pirate ship rounded the outcrop. Pinned in the cove they had no option but to be brought aboard the ship. She was 10 years old at the time. She cant remember much after this point other than the initial struggle and fight and she can still picture her fathers face as he was taken below deck. She was taken into the captains chamber and the noise of the slam of the door and the smell of stale ale is like it happened yesterday.

    She never saw her father again. She doesn’t know if he was murdered, thrown over board or sold.

    10 years passed as she stayed on the ship, not so much a prisoner but rather no where else to go or a method of doing it. The cook took a liking to her, in an adopted father type role and often gave her sweet treat he had made in the galley. He was a kind man, didn’t really fit with in with the pirate life. She never asked but always wondered if he had started his life aboard in the same way as her.

    She wasn’t a fighter, she liked to help cook and he showed her lots of things. From making warm pork stew to mending holes in the pirates shirts. She found a natural ability to nurse any injuries the scumbags took on raids.

    This was her life and they travelled for years around Tamriel. Sometimes she was allowed on shore to pick flowers and herbs for cook.

    How did she come to be an adventurer? It built slowly but began proper with a sudden shock. She was growing into an attractive young lady and it wasn’t going unnoticed. She was often made to dance on board the ship for the captain and his most loyal crew. Many had tried to show her what ‘a real man was like’ but in a sick way the captain was always nearby to reclaim his property. Until 3 months ago. The captain had taken an arrow to the knee (!) and was laid up. One evening before setting down for the night she went ashore to the beach to wash his old bandages. The hot sweaty arms came around her neck and tightened. She could hear and feel his breath on the back of her neck and feel the scratch of his chin as she struggled to get her onto the floor. She struggled but couldn’t break free. He flipped her over struck her with a bottle across her face, cutting her deep, from forhead to cheek. She was powerless and all the grief of the night she was taken aboard came back. Frozen in fear she put up no more resistance and resigned herself to what was to happen. Then the weight lifted and she was lifted off the warm sand. Wiping wet sand and bugloss from her face she saw cook standing there, holding a torch. The flicker of the flame lighting his face and the shadow of a fallen shipmate laid on the sand beside him. She could make out large kitchen knife sticking out from his lower back and his dirty cream shirt turning red. She fell to her knees. Her legs wouldn’t hold her. He hooked a hand under her arm and lifted her once again. “we must go child…. YOU must go”

    He led her to a cave which although was only att he head of the beach, it seemed like 3 miles. In the dark cave stood one of the camels from the ship and a black and white pig.

    “take the camel and ride. Ride far away from here and never come back. Do you understand!”
    “use the pig for meat, just like I showed you”. Do you her me lass?”

    Cooks voice seemed agitated and nervous. She wasn’t going to argue or question. She trusted him and him alone.

    He helped her onto the camel, wrapped the rope lead from the pig around the saddle and set her way into the dark field beyond.

    She slumped over the camel and just went wherever it went. What would she do? Where would she go?

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    xbox suter1972 - Character name - Hota Woskeef

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  • carljokl
    I am intrigued by this. Still, I am thinking I have 12 characters worth of backstory to come up with.
    At this point I am not really sure how people have ended up in Coldharbour with their souls taken. Do they properly remember their lives before. Lyris and the Prophet were captured differently with souls intact.

    I have a family of Imperials. Rexorigus is the father with Rexorigus I and Rexorigana as children, brother and sister. I presume them to be a minor nobility beginning to establish a house. The father passing on his name to his son and a variant to his daughter. The father disappears along with his wife as victims of capture by Molag Bal. The wife / mother has not made it and remains lost in Coldharbour. Rexorigus I (i.e. the first) has formally established himself as leader of the estate. Professionally having served as an officer in an Imperial Legion following in the steps of his father who was also a solider.
    The children believe their parents lost. Rexorgana is not a soldier but aims to lift her house through bending people to her will by her beauty and beguiling charms. She is quite devious and unscrupulous in her pursuit unlike her father and brother who themselves are by and large honest and noble.

    The hand of Molag Bal strikes again in the family and Rexorigus I and Rexorigana are victims of the Daedric onslaught of the Imperial City. Both end up in the Wailing Prison but are separated. Sadly this leaves the whole family in the Wailing Prison without being aware of the fate of the others. They all escape independently around the same time.

    An interesting side effect of Rexorigus (father) having been in Coldharbour for much longer as a vestige, he hasn't aged over this time as he normally would. This leaves the situation of a father who is chronologically older than his son but in physical condition of a similar age.

    After the escape from the wailing prison. All three ended up in a different Alliance territory away from their home in Cyrodiil. The Imperial City is lost and overrun by Daedra so though they may venture back they must also accept their home is lost.

    Both father and son Rexorigus have resumed roles as solider adventurers under the direction of the leaders of their factions. The father under Queen Ayrenn in the Dominion. Rexorigus I the son under the commanders of the Ebonhart Pact.

    Rexorigana works her way through the Daggerfall Covenant as Nightblade. Roaming in foreign lands without a real home relying on her charms.

    Will the family find each other? Will their house ever be re-established or must they now reinvent themselves. Drifting apart now will they form their own families and remain separate?

    Only time will tell.

    (well this is something. I would be open to suggestions about how to make this better.)
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  • Iago
    My characters back story can be found here it's a bit of a read but I enjoyed writing it.
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  • Opeline
    A great deal of my backstories are posted with clickable links in my signature box. There are many that I am still working on, so they are not yet posted up with links. They are, very much still, getting worked on as they are evolving characters and have evolving character pages to reflect that.

    But free to take a lookie-do at them at your leisure.
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  • Krist
    Krist Lionheart

    ((While Krist has more background story, this is where he starts in my writing on here. This was a story about him dreaming of home while in the Fighter's Guild, far from Skyrim, and my first post on here about him. It serves as a background, and I hope you all enjoy. ))

    Krist looked around, wondering what trouble he would get into today. It was a nice clear warm day, not something they experienced too often in Skyrim. There were only so many weeks of warm weather, and Nords, especially young ones like Krist, knew how to spend them. The clear lake on the outskirts of Whiterun was where he would surely find Jorn and Yryl. He was 15 winters old, and they all had the bravery and vigor of any youth that age.
    Krist could hear the splashing and laughter as he came to the end of the path that lead to their best swimming spot. Many of farm community youths came here, where they could take a running jump into the cold water.

    Krist didn't bother to look, he just ran and leaped. He felt the cold water cover him, a stark contrast the warm air. He swam under for a moment, letting his body get used to the water. He did not have on a shirt or shoes, only the old britches that his mother always told him made him look like a beggar. They were comfortable, and just like he liked them.
    Krist came to the surface and looked around, expecting to see Jorn and Yryl. Oddly they were not there. He could have mistaken their voices for coming from the lake.
    He surely just missed them.
    Krist swam about for a moment then climbed out. It was a great day.

    Krist followed the path back toward the farm. He could hear his friends chatting away ahead of him, though he could not make out what they were saying. Jorn was probably bragging on how much stronger he was, Yryl probably scoffing at him as she always did. The funny part was that while Jorn was stronger than her, she would whip him in a wrestling match if he pushed her too hard. That always left the big teen mad, but he always got over it. Jorn swore he took it easy on her because she was just a girl, leaving Krist and Yryl laughing.
    Krist picked up his pace a bit, until he saw old farmer Lutas plowing the field. Krist stopped and waved, drawing a wave back from his friend. Lutas was 70 winters or more, but plowed that field better than men half his age. Krist's father Bram always said that Lutas just came from good stock.

    Freshly baked apple pie caught Krist's nose at this time, and it sure smelled to be coming from the direction of his house. If he did not hurry, Jorn and Yryl would get first cut. He gave a smile and a final wave to farmer Lutas, and ran off toward his house.

    Krist came up on the old farm house. He could see his daddy's wagon was ready for fishing. The lines hung out, the bait squirming. He could hear the laughing from inside the house, and sure enough, the smell of the pie drifting out. Krist walked up to the door, and began to push it open.......

    The big warrior had the other young man pushed up to the wall. An angry look of hate across his face, the one he learned to make when he was about to kill.
    "Sir, sorry, I was told to come wake you up," the young recruit said, even as Krist's angry face began to soften back into the friendly face that everyone knew of the big man from Whiterun Hold.
    Krist let him go, and nodded.
    You didn't apologize here. You didn't show any weakness. This was Ebonheart.
    "Another of those portals opened sir, they told me come get you."
    "Sorry, I was just....," Krist began, but the young man had already hurried out.
    "I was almost home."
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
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  • newtinmpls
    I was looking for a thread for backstories; found one that had been closed with a note to go to this one; is there anything more recent? Cause I can happily post here.
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    newtinmpls wrote: »
    I was looking for a thread for backstories; found one that had been closed with a note to go to this one; is there anything more recent? Cause I can happily post here.

    People have been using this stickied thread lately...
    PC EU
  • Crazyprophet
    I'm going to dotpoint mine until I finish writing it a bit more formally!


    Essentially, my character's name is Elsie Varus, born and raised in the Imperial City... but not fully Imperial. Her father was an Imperial nobleman of fairly minor significance, and her mother was a member of Emperor Leovic's guard, a Reachwoman of the Eagleseer clan, sworn to protect Leovic with her life.

    She was born 14 years prior to Varen Aquilarios' revolution, thus she grew up in a fairly stable incarnation of the Empire. She was considered a bit unusual due to her partial-Reach heritage, but she lived a fairly happy life. She'd even received an academic and arcane education of sorts with the Mages Guild. Additionally, growing up with mixed heritage, she developed a healthy respect for both the Divines and the Daedra, although only really "worshipped" the former.

    When she was 14, Varen Aquilarios successfully conquered the Imperial City and slew Emperor Leovic. Her mother was killed protecting the Emperor, and her father, who'd stayed loyal to Leovic, was also killed in the chaos. With few friends left for a teenager who was now essentially considered a Reachwoman under the new regime, she made her way to the Mages Guild, where she was allowed to continue to live and study... Though due to mounting prejudice against Reachfolk following the reign of the Longhouse Emperors, she eventually moved to Anvil.

    At this point the story branches into two paths. The Vestige, for my solo-single-player-in-my-brain RP, and The Mage for my interpersonal RP.

    The Vestige:

    For the Vestige arc, Elsie was captured by the Worm Cult at the age of 18, while searching for alchemical reagents outside of Anvil. There was no particular reason she was targeted - she simply was another sacrifice to Molag Bal. Taken to the Imperial City and killed by Mannimarco, she woke up as a Soul-Shriven in Coldharbor, where she was set free by Lyris Titanborn... and the main story begins! I then quest through in chronological order, typically. I'm not going to restate all the quest zones and experiences obviously, but she goes through that and has to reckon with her past, especially the uncomfortable situation of working with Varen Aquilarios himself; the man who she blames for her family's deaths. It's good fun though and I can't wait to do Blackwood!

    The Mage:

    The Mage arc is my RP branch, which in the fashion of collaborative RP is a little bit powered down from the "Big hero" story of the Vestige. Essentially in this branch Elsie was never captured and went on to live a fairly mundane life. For several years she studied at the Mages Guild in Anvil before requesting a transfer to Evermore, where she has been studying the ways of Wyrd Sisters and the Reachfolk from afar. She sort of wants to connect with that side of her heritage, especially in the wake of the Empire's functional collapse, but she doesn't really know how to. She's a scholarly, bookish girl who has a hard time relating to the culture she feels she's lost, but REALLY wants to. So that's sort of her thing in RP atm. An inquisitive mage in her mid 20's torn between two heritages, but not really feeling like she can connect with either anymore. She's a little bit lost, but that's a good thing, as RP can take her many different directions :)
  • Ringing_Nirnroot
    Mine is too cliche
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