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Peryite Foreshadowing?

Dragonbones, Elsweyr, and even in Greymoor we see more and more stories & characters related to Peryite

In Solitude met this Dark Elf who said...
  • Chaos2088
    Oh yes we are going to have some content with him soon, as you noticed there has been some reffering content to him. Plus those two very stupid but charming cultists you come across will have some part in it. Would be ace to really explore what and who Peryite is about. :)
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  • Ringing_Nirnroot
    Perfect theme during these dark times 😉
  • Benefactor
    I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see him being left out for a long while considering what is going on in the world. They would probably not want to have their customers be reminded of real life.
  • Tethilia
    I hope for once we actually get a choice whether to release a plague upon civilization or defend civilization. It would be great to actually have the option to agree with Peryite's natural order.
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