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Xbox NA Craft Bag not scrolling

Can ZOS please fix the fact suddenly we can’t scroll in our craft bags to see what items are stored there? Fortunately yesterday a guildie was able to search the bag and pull out the Kuta to give me to make enchantments, but we can’t scroll through the bag’s inventory. Do we really have to wait until sometime in JUNE!? I mean, that hinders game play for crafters! And the bag is the eso+ bonus!
Edited by ZOS_Bill on May 9, 2021 11:20PM
  • Beardimus
    Same on EU, they are aware.

    Little workaround, you can actually scroll it. It just doesn't update. So pull a trigger to move down a topic, flick back to inventory, then back to craft bag and you have actually moved.

    Clunky but better than nothing. Same tactic if it happens in Guild Store too
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  • Hey-its-Me
    I tried that work around Beard, it didn’t work for me. I dread having to wait now like 5 weeks fir them to fix it.
  • Rittings
    Foolproof workaround is to cancel ESO+ until it's fixed :) I guarantee if enough take this option, the other workaround won't be need for long.
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are aware of an issue where the Craft Bag menu does not allow you to scroll through to see all items available. This will be fixed in a future update, in the meantime you may use the Search option to review what items are in the Craft Bag.
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