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Official Discussion Thread for "Get an Early Look at Blackwood During Our Preview Event"

  • Olauron
    Watch the Blackwood Chapter Preview Event on and discover what adventures await as the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure continues.

    During the twitch campaign I have received a Flame Atronach Pony Pet and one Blackwood Preview Crate according to twitch inventory (both claimed). Am I right that Blackwood Preview Crate is shown as Ouroboros Crown Crate in the game? Or maybe it is not delivered yet?
    The Three Storm Sharks, episode 8 released on january the 8th.
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  • Anthony_Arndt
    Hotdog_23 wrote: »
    Wait 3 pm?!
    Damn im not finished working yet at that time😑
    Since when are the stream in the midie of a work day?

    Always watch the streams but never "live" D/T real life. Really wish their was a way to claim the pet after watching the stream either live or say sometimes within 24 hours of broadcast.
    Esmaralda wrote: »
    Well that really sucked. It wasn't on even 20 minutes! And you have to watch for 15 for the pet? So like what about us folks who work until 3pm and can't get home right at 3?? We're screwed. This new drop system is for the birds. The only players who can get them are the ones who are home all the time or can watch at work. You've got to realize not everyone can do that. This game company is making me angry, you just cater to players who do nothing but play ESO all day.
    Wasn't able to get my drops as the stream was to short and kept lagging on every device I tried watching it on.

    Ugh, this. I'm in Germany, so it was late for us, but I already had an appointment after work that day which couldn't be moved. Got home about 15:00 stream time, and had my computer on and was logging in a little after 15:20. And by the time I got our Twitch accounts logged in, the stream was over. This stream was so short that unless you were online immediately, you got nothing.

    I still watched it, but this is why I never tell my son about Twitch drops until they are in his in-game inventory. Most of them, I don't care about. The pets I already have are better for my characters so I just look at the crates as a nice freebie source of crown gems. But my son is a little Wednesday Addams-esque goof.

    Just finished watching this event and it was superb! Short and informative. Lyranth is so cool and I was absolutely delighted to learn from Rich that companions will be able to ride mounts from the collection of mounts that the player has.

    I found myself smiling as Jess and Gina were talking due their infectious cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

    Also this! Jess and Gina were great hosts as always, so I'm glad I watched...

    Well done and thanks for pet and crate! :)

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    Good. Welcome back.
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