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Official Discussion Thread for "Letter from Matt—ESO’s Future Mac Support"

  • linuxlady
    lygerseye wrote: »
    Microsoft Office apps now run natively on M1 Macs... So Microsoft wasn’t the reason. Seems it’s strictly a ZOS decision.

    Microsoft doesnt own Zos yet...
  • lygerseye
    Was never in doubt
  • uthdoofus
    I'm late to this discussion, playing on an M1 Mac Mini with some major issues but not here to moan aboot that
    I do want to say that wouldn't the cost of porting be a nice tax write-off for a forward thinking company interested in maintaining as much public goodwill as possible when it seems big business is now running pretty much RUNNING/RUINING gaming world wide?

    Follow the pure stream


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    ESO ~ the only game you compete with another player to pull the wings off butterflies
  • Miles_of_Azeroth
    Soul Shriven
    Unfortunate as it is, for games the windows PC is the standard platform. As a Mac user this is frustrating because ESO was one of the few that runs on Mac and I'm tired of World of Warcraft, which by the way is going downhill with its user base. I dislike being on a platform that's on its way out as bugs creep in and eventually it's completely cut loose.

    I prefer Mac for everything else, so for ESO it's either Xbox or PCs for the long term. Playstation isn't likely to be supported for ESO 6. A Windows PC with good graphics processor outperforms the Xbox. So if I want to play ESO, it's follow-ons or other games for me it's add a pc to my collection just for games. I can deal with a PC since it won't be used for anything but the current game I'm playing. Practically that's 1K$ or likely more depending on configuration and a sale price.

    Maintaining a huge, not just large, codebase on two distinctly different hardware architectures is a monumental effort, both on the development side and the support side. Apple improved their product, but along with it created a monster of a headache for software developers. Most of the software that I use has been ported and I'm better served by the result. For a large older codebase this is a huge. I don't blame Bethesda for this choice. Perhaps it will result in better support on a single PC codebase.
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