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Is there a way to set a keybind to hide and show the Action Bar?

I am wanting to quest with my action bar hidden at all times (for immersion's sake), but I also need to be able to pull it up and keep it on the screen when doing harder content/pvp stuff or when I am on an alt and muscle memory isn't quite where it needs to be yet. I would like to swap back and forth between hiding it and showing it without having go into the game's settings and switching it back and forth between Always Show and Never Show.

Is there an addon that lets me just set a keybind to show and hide my action bar?
Bonus: And maybe the in-game bar on top of the action bar that shows my buffs as well (using the same keybind)?
  • WiseSky
    When I play I have everything turned off, but you can also have the option to have it automatic, which shows it only during fights.
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