Leyawiin and the Ivory Brigade

We learnt during the 2021 announcement that Leyawiin is firmly an Imperial City, garrisoned by the 'Ivory Brigade'. They are visibly Imperial - but does the Ivory Brigade constitute a Legion in itself? Could it just be a 'brigade' or a cohort of a larger Legion that was broken up for redeployment to the besieged Imperial City? We know that the Thirteenth Legion was renamed to the Shields of Senchal - but unlike the 13th, the Ivory Brigade appears to be self-sufficient and have greater regulation of uniforms. This naming might just be to make the different Imperial Legion styles, and the Legions themselves, sound more unique and recognisable from each other.

The Ivory Brigade

Next, we learn that the Ivory Brigade is governed by a Chamber of Legates, which also constitutes the ruling council of Leyawiin. This draws immediate parallels to the Legionary Council that governed the Imperial Legion during the Second Era. But what of the Count of Leyawiin..? Leyawiin was liberated by Sai Sahan during Varen's Rebellion.. but it is possible that there was not enough time for a new Count to be appointed before Varen's disappearance.

It appears that the Chamber of Legates may have assumed command of Leyawiin. So far, there are no visible heraldic banners of Leyawiin in the city - only Imperial banners (though this might be because this is an early version of the city) which might suggest that there is not a Count - or at least that the Legates have superseded his authority in a city that the stream mentions is under constant assault.

Main gate - Northwest

Northeast gate

A view from the south

For inside the city, it is interesting that the coloured houses are there as early as the Second Era. I had always assumed that they were a legacy of the Khajiit occupation that occurs sometime after the events of ESO. They appear in fact to be Imperial designs - though they might still have been influenced by Leyawiin's proximity to Elsweyr.

Inside Leyawiin

The Niben Forest, one of the three major regions of the upcoming Blackwood zone

I am very glad that there are still some rolling hills to enjoy around Leyawiin - they will make a welcome break from the swamps and hostile environments of Black Marsh.

What are your thoughts so far on this Imperial dimension of the upcoming chapter? I was initially disappointed by the mysterious absence of Skingrad - but I am once again suitably excited for new lore about Leyawiin, the Legion, and hopefully the state of wider Cyrodiil.
  • ealdwin
    I'll admit, the inclusion of parts of Black Marsh in the zone had me a bit worried that we were going to see one of the two potentials for an Imperial focused zone relegated to more of a focus on Argonians, effectively depriving Imperials of a zone. However, having seen the trailer and preview footage/images from the reveal, my confidence is a restored that the Imperials will not once more be relegated to side characters and mustache-twirling villains. (I take the fact that the player's representation in the trailer is "The Imperial", indicating that they may perhaps play the larger role.)

    Much remains to be see, but I will be at least pleased if the end result is more Imperial "stuff" than there is Argonian "stuff". At least then it won't feel like the Imperials have been cheated out of a zone.

    What we do see of the Imperials looks promising so far. Leyawiin appears to be interesting. The Niben Forest will without a doubt be my favorite biome from the new chapter. And what appears to be the Ivory Brigade's motif is definitely one I'll be looking to farm. It's got a good Imperial flair to it, and a welcome break from the fur-lined thick armors we've seen last year. Alas, it does continue the tradition of hip and crotch flaps.
  • Lugaldu
    Overall, this year could be more varied when we have Imperial and Argonian locations (as well as Daedric ones) and learn more about both cultures, which are very different. In Elsweyr, the Khajiit for example really got on my nerves after a year. In Oblivion I actually liked Leyawiin the least of all corners, too musty, too wet. And then this shack that you could buy as a house ... But on the pictures it looks as if this region is now a little more friendy. I imagine it will be a strong contrast to other parts of Blackwood.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I'm looking forward to seeing the "two-door" architectural style of Leyawiin ;)
    PC EU
  • adriant1978
    Those new uniforms look really nice. My Imperial Legion character has been holding out for an "Ancestral Imperial" to be added to the antiquities system but perhaps this will be even better. :)
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  • ealdwin
    I'm looking forward to seeing the "two-door" architectural style of Leyawiin ;)

    Multiple points of entry is always good. Gotta follow those 2E fire safety codes!
  • Cireous
    Hey lock on the door of that giant Imperial house I can't explore.
    I SEE YOU. :frowning:
  • RemanCyrodiil_I
    Some promotional images have been emerging since the reveal event, including this image showing the inside of Castle Leyawiin. It seems that ESO's Leyawiin will indeed have its own county banner (with some nice laurel wreaths on!) and presumably we can see the Countess of Leyawiin there in the image.


    It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the Chamber of Legates with its Ivory Brigade and the Countess of Leyawiin and her county guards. Will there be a power struggle as occurred in Kvatch between its Count and the Order of the Hour, or will Leyawiin exemplify the necessity of all Imperials banding together as hostile armies ravage central Cyrodiil? Unlike the Gold Coast, Leyawiin and the wider Blackwood region of Cyrodiil do not have Varen's Wall for protection.

    The Chamber of Legates may act as the ruling council for the city, but the council itself may just be there to advise and support the Countess.

    We also have the first image of what I think is one of the European-style castle ruins that CJ mentioned in the reveal event. Unsurprisingly, he was alluding to the presence of the Reman-era Imperial forts that were built during the Reman Empire's conquest of Black Marsh during the First Era. There will no doubt be several Imperial forts dotting the landscape of the Blackwood Bog region of the new chapter, which is really exciting! Learning about the Blackwater War from these ruins, and from Gideon itself (the headquarters of the third and most successful Imperial campaign) will no doubt be one of my favourite parts of the upcoming chapter.


    edit: larger images
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