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A shorter campaign that requires a pvp rank to enter

So I was thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if ZOS started a shorter campaign during midyear mayhem that requires a certain pvp rank just to enter? By pvp rank I don't mean the leaderboards for emperor. I mean that nice little number that goes up the more we fill the little green bar next to it. I think 10 is a good entry requirement.

If this campaign existed and didn't require us to set it to our home campaign to get rewards from it I think it would really ease the frustration Cyrodil regulars feel during Midyear Mayhem when all the pve players flood Cyrodil. Those of us who regularly pvp shouldn't have to wait 2hours just to do what we love most in ESO.
  • Armethius
    I really love this idea please read ZOS! Gray Host should have requirements to enter.
  • erio
    What frustration? More ez kills
  • hexentb16_ESO
    erio wrote: »
    What frustration? More ez kills

    The frustration we feel when we have to Q for an hour to get into Cyrodil because the stupid event makes the Qs massive. That is assuming the Q doesn't freeze and force you to relog so you can get back in.
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