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Jone and Jode

Besides what is written in the book 'Sky Spirits' is there any other lore that tells where Jone and Jode (the two moons) light comes from?

Jone and Jode. The Ever-Mourned. The spirits of the stillborn twins of Fadomai, who still dance in the Lunar Lattice. Khenarthi held them when they were born, and did not have the heart to tell her dying mother the truth. She lit two lanterns to make their eyes bright and rocked them in the sky until her mother passed. Azurah cares for them now and lights the lanterns again when they burn low.
  • Syldras
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  • Eporem
    Syldras wrote: »

    so now a wonder is :) from this Breton story if there is other lore of a time in the past when no moons were seen...I remember reading something of the Dwarven orrery not showing Moons.

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  • Sinlar
    In the writings of Amun-Dro, and the events that take place in modern Elsweyr. A very interesting metaphorical view of past events begins to unfold. One that has been very obscured both by time and the greatly simplified revisions that the Riddle'Thar imposed upon the original Khajiiti religious mythology.

    As Abnur so astutely pointed out though, looking beyond the metaphors and finding the cores of the facts and events upon which they were formed is the trick. Doubly so, when you are dealing with metaphors of metaphysical mythohistory.
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