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Official Discussion Thread for "Studio Director’s Letter: 2020 Retrospective"

  • The_Lex

    Thanks for the insight.
  • Elo106
    I for one support less features and content if we can fix or atleast improve performance!
    Glad Zos admitted to the bugs and all that.
  • udaba
    i hope this game get big one day!
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  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks for the communication.

    Less systems will be fine, but the content must go on and be richer than before to make up for the loss of new systems that can present balance challenges and introduce bugs.

    Stay safe and Merry Christmas :)
  • Faulgor
    I want to echo the thanks for transparency, and understand the situation, but also can't hide my disappointment.

    New systems are virtually the only thing I keep looking forward to and it's not like we see new systems all the time. This year we had one (anitquities), so less than that would mean zero. What even will be the selling point of the chapter, then, I wonder?

    Under the circumstances, I'd rather have fewer content updates if it meant we can get at least one new system.
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  • Obsidian3
    Awesome letter, thanks for the update. I can't imagine the year they had trying to do this *** at home, must've been tough! Thank you all at ZoS for the hard work this year and kicking ass in the face of adversity. I wish you all a Happy Holiday.

    Im still pissed off you took my damned Rapids away from me and made me grind long f'ing hours to get it back!!!
  • TheImperfect
    Thanks Eso really got me through 2020, glad you are working hard on it.
  • tomofhyrule
    As a casual who joined about a year and a half ago who had never played an MMO before, I'm content. Yes, there've been some bugs and crashes, but I've also had plenty to do around them so it didn't affect me personally too much. Don't get me wrong, I know that others who are interested in endgame-level content have had many more issues than me, but speaking as one of those people who likes the simple stuff like basic questing just as much as running vet dungeons, I still found ways to enjoy my time in game.

    ESO has given me a lot of possibilities I didn't have before. The pandemic allowed me the time to start playing with others, join a guild, and learn the many different things I can do in game. So thank you for giving us this world. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed it.

    There's only one thing I'd really like to see the team look into for next year - Crown Store availability. You make the point about how you had many new players, but so many are barred from buying any cosmetics they'd want to get. I know, I came from Skyrim. For the longest time, I stayed away from ESO since I was afraid of the massively multiplayer part of it, and I know I'm not the only one. There's a lot that I'd love to be able to get, but it's all unavailable.

    It would be great if older things could cycle back through the store more. So many players never got the chance to get 90% of those cosmetics, and so many of them would love to buy things if they could. At times, it almost feels like ESO's store team completely ignores the requests from the forums... it almost makes many of us feel that the ESO team doesn't want players to buy anything.

    EDIT: I'll specifically highlight one thing:
    ESO became a refuge—a place to escape the reality of our not-so-awesome situations for at least a few hours at a time. Engagement in our housing system spiked, as many of you virtually nested—so it wasn't just about the number of you playing, it was how you changed and adapted during the pandemic.
    We did get some new toys for housing like the Houseguests and Pathing, but there are so many houses/furnishing packs/etc. that are unavailable. I know I'd have jumped for something like Hunter's Glade, which would also have fit in with the werewolf themes of the year, but we can't spend money if things aren't available.

    There are people who would be more engaged if we could get engaged in the first place. So many housing system things like houses or furninshing packs, or my personal favorite the outfit system's hairstyles/costumes/weapon packs, are simply unavailable to anyone who didn't start playing ESO from day one. If something's been out of the store for two, three years now, it might be a good time to rerelease it. After all, how many new players are there now who would jump on that?
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  • silky_soft
    Bring on MS take over
    Here $15, goat mount please. Not paying 45 : lol :
    Netch is free with a cleanse and free magika. You nerf siphon into the ground. Nice balance team.
    How do you go home every night and say, I did a great job at work today. You actually do your job properly.
    Step 1: roll templar. Step 2: level up jabs. Step 3: slap on weapon damage build. Step 4: que for bg. Step 5: leap...jabsjabsjabsjabs
  • Nairinhe
    silky_soft wrote: »
    Bring on MS take over

    Genuine question: were there games that got better when studio ownership changed?
  • Hurbster
    Still like the game. I also live for making ALTs. I don't like PvP but I have to to get Rapids back. So I voted with my wallet. The fact that every single suggestion on the PTS and forums was ignored and the original idea was just forced through with very little explanation that made sense was the last straw. On top of a mediocre expansion in Greymoor, of course.

    I'd be happy to start spending money again but only if the game is more alt-friendly. And yes that means getting Rapids back to where it was or taking it out of PvP skill lines altogether.
    Still in Alith, different game though.

    So they raised the floor and lowered the ceiling. Except the ceiling has spikes in it now and the floor is also lava.
  • Nairinhe
    Genuine question: were there games that got better when studio ownership changed?

    Thanks. Then, there's hope?
  • udaba
    Lets hope at least this year they will keep their promises
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  • DemonNinja
    I just came back to the game after two and a half years of being away. I originally quit when repairing walls in Cyrodiil would cause load screens, that often required you to force close the game.

    Now, upon my return, I find Cyrodiil still unplayable during prime time. The lag is so bad that skills often just will not go off.

    It boggles my mind that this kind of performance is ok. I also heard about the live beta testing that was done in PvP - which seemed bonkers.

    To top it all off, the new limited group size, and the inability to heal players outside of your group while solo tank builds run around tanking 40 people and killing them now makes me just not want to play again.
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  • Fata1moose
    I want to highlight that in 2021 we will devote more time overall to stability and game performance and less time to new game systems (with our standard content updates continuing unchanged).

    Reads as if there will be no system or class introduced with the 2021 chapter. Which is fine and I'm completely understanding given the pandemic and the challenges presented by WFH. But are they still going to charge us the same amount for less content? That's where the problem arises for me.
  • WiseSky
    I love the Game Keep up the Work :D
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  • vamp_emily
    please know that everything we do on ESO is for you

    Really? I don't think Zeni is listen to the community. I've been asking for dynamic population in PvP for 4 years now. Lag, disconnects, can't fire skills off. Did we really ask for this?

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  • HappyElephant
    Really appreciate this letter from Matt Firor. Great example of good leadership, good human.
    Thank You! for taking time to write this and for communicating with us.

  • quantumartist
    Beg to differ! ZOS hasn't done a thing for me all year! I've repeatedly begged them to migrate my Xbox account for play to Stadia (being a founder) and they have rudely declined or ignored me outright every time. I'm not going to spend a small fortune in loot box lotto to get what I have on my Xbox account for my Stadia account. ZOS promised we could play on Stadia and I'm holding y'all to it! I'm simply not paying twice for the same intellectual property! [snip]

    Fix this! Then you'll get my money again. Don't care what anyone else has to say about it. It's the principle of the thing.

    [Edited to remove Bashing]
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  • ZOS_ConnorG
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  • Agalloch
    Maybe not new systems because the Microsoft ownership will finish in 2021?
  • Akrasjel
    A infographics with different stats from game for 2020 would be nice.
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