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Return of blue screen crashes to PS4

These seem to have returned for me after maintenance. Has anyone else noticed the same issue?
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  • DragonRacer
    I had my first one in months last night. Was in Western Skyrim talking to a quest character out in the marshes. Black Morass Harrowstorm popped up behind me, but was fine - I thought - since there was plenty of distance between the fighting and where I was questing.

    In mid-conversation with this NPC - BAM! Blue screen.

    I wonder if these damned things will finally be gone with the PS5 upgrade version of ESO or not...
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  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Hey folks,

    The steps in this article may be able to help if you are experiencing a blue screen on your PS4.
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  • CobaltPeak
    So like on PC, when a game is not running it's windows' fault?
    "Try to reinstall a working system first - then we'll talk!" LOL :D

    Bluescreens and freezes have returend since last patch and the "patch for the patch".

    Time to go huntin' for remaining trophies on other games while waiting for ESO to be playable again...

    BTW 1st post in english forum - so hello to everyone ! B)
    Vom PC zur PS4/PS5 geflüchtet.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As there are currently multiple threads discussing blue screen crashes after the latest update, we've decided to close this thread. We are are currently investigating these crashes. You can continue discussion and find troubleshooting in the thread linked below.

    Blue screen PS4 EU after choice char
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