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Black Friday 2020 is that it?

  • Sarannah
    Was hoping for crown packs on sale, or every stream item for sale. So those that can't watch streams can catch up on the items we want, but couldn't get.
  • Raideen
    LadyAstrum wrote: »
    There isn't anything on sale that appeals to me on this occasion, though I do appreciate the 'free' outfit. Thank you, ZoS.

    What I do hope to see one day is new Imperial furnishings.

    I just wish the outfit would have been something useful for male characters. I'm kinda feeling like a victim of sexism.
  • Raideen
    kaisernick wrote: »
    voreo wrote: »
    Not a very convincing sale to warrant me wanting Plus again, oh well. Back to Shadowlands.

    Thats the irony, i have ended up getting shdawolands now because of such a abismil "deal" from zeni.
    Its stupid, i mean here we and others are waiting to throw money at them and yet nothing.

    Ya, I have been thinking of shadowlands as well. This is the first wow expac that does not really appeal to me, but I was reading that some of the quests are more deep in story now, less "kill 10 mobs". So that does interest me.

    My primary reason for playing ESO is the housing. I really wish wow had housing.
  • defcon.dealer1b14_ESO
    I don't care about housing....I just want a deal on crowns
    I'm offended that ur offended....

    PC NA
    PSN NA
  • Banana
    If they added a 3080 or 6800XT in stock and at MSRP I'd be interested
  • kaisernick
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