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Soul Shriven
its been over a month and i have not been able to play this game i get kicked out constantly and i cant find the reason why. sometimes its between 5-25min sometimes instantly. recently i got lucky and it lasted way longer for like a day. I dont know what to do CS is not helping
I Forwarded ports
I have no addons
checked the files in the firewall,
restart my routers COUNTLESS times
renamed that programdata folder

Really hoping i can get some insight on my problem
Edited by ZOS_Adrikoth on November 25, 2020 1:58PM
  • zvavi
    If your error is 334 I have the same issue, for that reason I use cellular network for my ESO gameplay in the last 2 weeks. Rip.
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Greetings @greenautumn

    If you have submitted a support ticket with us, we would be happy to check on its status for you if you could provide us with the ticket number.
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