Chaosball invisible

Well as mentioned in the title I just ran into an issue in a BG. I took the Chaosball from its first spawn in the middle, but the ball wasn't visible nor dealt it damage, nor was I stopped to use Ball of Lightning.
Obviously I won that BG 500 to 0 to 0 since the enemy didn't know where the ball was only which team it had, since our points grew. If that happens more frequently that should be looked into.
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  • Orange_fire_dragon
    yeah, this has happened to me a couple of times, think I may even know how to recreate this bug
  • Jierdanit
    Sorts of that bug have been happening for several years now, pretty much since BGs were released.

    The thing that used to happen i think was that a player would take the ball in the exact moment they would die and the ball would still be with them after they died and was invisible on the player i think.

    And i also had the same thing you described in one BG where i took the first ball and it was invisible on me without me taking any damage from it as well (i dont know how that happened though).
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