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Booted from server, account currently logged in, strange lags in middle of day and problem with dung

Soul Shriven
I want to post this and hope i get some help or at least you will say im not alone.
Lets start from 1st problem, Booted from server.
Since last weeks i recive random kicks from game, especialy in middle of battleground/dung , not often i see reason but sometimes it shows "Booted from server" or "Unable to connect", then when i try to get back in i have always, i repeat always "Account currently logged in" and have to wait at least 20 min. What the heck?!
My internet connection is perfect, have 3-4 ms delay, dont use any other program that could affect my net durring playing, dont use antivirus also and my firewall is down during play, all ports for eso are open, i always ping something when i have lags or im about to get kicked from game, and my net is perfect as always.
The secound problem is about dungeon finder, why the heck nearly always my bellow 50 char land in vet or some high cp team and im not allowed to play this dung, then i have to suffer 15 min que penalty.
Hope someone will help me or at least confirm that is not a single person problem
  • ZOS_Bill

    The second issue you posted about with the dungeon finder is a known issue currently being looked into. As for the disconnections you're experiencing, the steps below may help in stopping them from happening.
    • Configure your router to open the following outbound ports:
      • TCP / UDP Ports 24100 through 24131
      • TCP / UDP Ports 24300 through 24331
      • TCP / UDP Ports 24500 through 24507
      • TCP Port 80
      • TCP Port 433
    • Update the firmware of your router (it is always a good step to take, as it prevents that an outdated firmware interferes on your connection).
    • Try to put your modem/router far from all electrical devices and do not coil up any excess signal or power cables (to eliminate possible interference problems).
    • Ensure that any anti-virus/firewall protection has exception rules for The Elder Scrolls Online.
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  • Ringeren
    I got the same issue with game crashing. Happened 3-4 times in the past week and only in battlegrounds. Game crashes and closes, i try to log back in fast in hopes i'm still in the bg, but "account already logged in" takes 3 min to get past and then im out of bg and i cant even queue back up, i got a timer for queued too recently or something. As OP this has only happened since patch and i got no other connection issues, so this is a GAME issue, not modem ports
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