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Combat Lag

Hey everyone,

I have a question regarding combat. I am on a ps4 pro. Note that my ps4 pro is about 4-5 years old. Whenever I am in combat, especially on my Mage Sorc, I lag. It’s not terrible but it only happens when the adds are RIGHT on me. If I step back with my DOTS going, it doesn’t lag. Whenever I am defeating a Harrowstorm, I cannot even really see what’s going on bc of it. I recently bought a new Wi-Fi 6 quad core router and let me tell you: it has made my game’s FPS wonderful compared to my ISP’s router. It definitely helped it a lot. My question to you guys is what is causing this lag? Could it be my stock HHD hard drive going bad? I thought about buying an SSD to see if it would stop but I’m not sure what the case is. Thanks in advance
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