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Got "of the Undying Song"

Soul Shriven
Haven't seen anyone else with it so far. Who else has it?

Some of the achievements on here were defs a little tricky to deal with. I wasn't sure whether or not "Missed me by that much" had to be done in vet, so I did it in vet. That one required a bit of finesse. "Crushing Disappointment" was by far the hardest though.
  • Jay013
    Soul Shriven

    forgot the pic lol
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  • WaywardArgonian

    I got it yesterday after finally figuring out a way to get 'Dormant Defeat'. It's an easy achievement, but it's severely bugged. I tried most of the suggested solutions I found on the forums, but none of them worked for me. Then I saw Alcast getting it by pulling the magma boss all the way to where the pyre boss spawns, and that did the trick for me as well.

    The only thing I found difficult about Crushing Disappointment was that it was difficult to see if there were 5 or more banekins caught in the blast, but other than that it didn't give me trouble. The hardest for me was Missed Me By That Much. I managed to get it 'cheaply' by using the Shade teleport on my Nightblade, but I'm sure otherwise it would've given me a fair bit of trouble.

    You'll probably start seeing a few more people with this title in the coming weeks. A friend speculated that most people getting this and Spirit Slayer in the first week are probably raiders who will keep wearing their trial trifecta titles, anyway. But I'm a solo player, so I am 100% rocking these titles.
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  • Kirameku
    One achievement in this title is bugged (magma queen one) that's why I and a lot of people don't have it yet. Also Spirit slayer is a joke
  • vesselwiththepestle
    I got it. I am not sure, which title to slot, though.

    I wish there was some nice achievement furnishing associated with all those achievements. When I went to the achievement furnisher in Markath after getting all Vateshran achievement, it was a huge disappointment.
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