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Need more variety in crafting Writs

  • Disturbed_One
    I seem to get the same handful of writs for every crafting station every day. It appears to be based on the crafting level of that character, at least in part, because my character who hasn't developed her crafts as far gets different ones. And when I put points into her crafts, her recipes change some.

    The problem with this is that I am starting to run out of some mats, because the writs are only using the same mats every day, while other mats are building up and not being used. Why can't there be a variety of all the known recipes for these?

    Put more points in, or take them out to change the level of writs and the materials that are used.

    I pre-craft my writs on the 4 characters I do them on, I fear adding more to the pool would complicate it, and make it not work, as it would take up too much inventory.

    The increase in inventory slots is manageable on a few extra added writ quests ... even for players without ESO+. Players (including this player) are getting a ton of inventory slots back when the Markarth DLC drops on November 2.

    I can only do a 3 day rotation on my main (and 6 on the others) just because of the gear I actually wear. Between PVE and PVP and the couple of different setups I need. This isn't extra gear stored on these characters, it's all stuff I use. The storage chests are for the extra, so I guess I'll get some of that back. I'm not visiting my house to collect my pre-crafted writ stuff. 1 loadscreen on console is too long, having to do 2, no thanks.
  • Psiion

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