PS4 -> XSX ESO Account due to Microsoft's Acquisition

In regards to the recent acquisition by Microsoft, to the best of anyone's knowledge, are there any discussions of allowing a one time transfer of PS4 accounts to Microsoft's XSX accounts?

Normally I wouldn't be asking such a thing but with Microsoft now in the divers seat, is this a possibility for sometime in the 2nd quarter on 2021? I've been a daily ESO player for 4 years (aside from taking vacations) and I have invested a lot (A Lot) of money into my PS4 ESO account and it would be extremely disconcerting if I couldn't take advantage of future exclusive offers by Microsoft. I'm not a fanboy of either system, I just happened to start playing Elder Scrolls Online from the PS4 platform and it would be unfair for those of us on the other side of the tracks to be excluded (penalized) from promotional and/or exclusives.

(P.S. and no I don't want to hear about starting over, it would never happen considering the amount of time and money I've invested into ESO and Zenimax)
(P.P.S. I also have a FO76 account and that would be cool to transfer also....JS)

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