Can not invite others to group

Starting over a week ago, when I send someone a group invite, and they press accept, they get the message that I'm "Busy" and I get a message saying that they declined the invite.

I submitted a ticket and support can't seem to figure out why this is happening. The only character affected by this is my main character. Level 1 alts can invite no problem.

So far I have:
-Uninstalled all addons
-Flushed my DNS
-Restarted router / modem / PC
-Ran the Game Consultant and submitted the text file to support

The support I'm being provided is moving at a snails pace as I'm asked to do simple things like "restart your computer" and then have to wait for a new response from them after saying that I did it. They're also asking that I keep addons uninstalled while we the problem is being troubleshooted, which is a little annoying to say the least.

Does anyone have any advice? Anything else I can do to try to fix this problem? I've googled the heck out of the issue and have found various examples of others having the same problem, but no one ever followed up with a resolution.
  • Taleof2Cities
    You should post your ticket number in your thread here, @ElCapitanAmericano, and see if a friendly Forums Mod can move your thread to General Help forums.

    General Help is usually visited by the Forums Mods once a day (usually not always) for players with active tickets.
  • Gnatrak
    I had this problem last night after doing a dungeon with some friends and we were trying to reform group - I changed characters, restarted my client & etc but nothing worked. However, after solo queuing into a dungeon, finishing then leaving it my friends were able to invite me to group later on when we tried again. Not sure if the two are correlated because this only happened to me once and I'm unable to test out if queuing into a dungeon is a fix or not.
  • ElCapitanAmericano
    For the record, this issue was resolved when the servers were restarted for maintenance. Future players who are experiencing this issue that may come across this post should be patient and skip the hours of wasted time jumping through hoops with support. They can't help you.
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