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Stop Allowing BGs to Start if 3v4v4

  • Luke_Flamesword
    I'm very frustrated right now. I level up couple characters so I do a lot of BGS daily for exp. I don't know why, but almost everytime when is team with less players - I'm at this team. It happens 7-8 times for every 10 cases. It's not fair! I have every time one of highest scores, but so many times I don't get any exp because my team don't have enough players or I have potato teammates (for example at capture the flag they don't stay with me at flag, but shoot with bow outside flag)... There should be daily exp not only for 2 winning teams but also for 4 best players even if they at losing team...
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  • SpiritofESO
    Yes, please. I don't even know why this is still a thing.

    What he said!!! :s
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  • WastedJoker
    I've only ever won a 3-player session where at least one of the other group is literally absent.

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll!
  • pauld1_ESO
    Just had one where we were stuck with 2 then finally 3 players but never got 4. This is so broken and I am so sick of it.
  • Hotdog_23
    In a 2 man team today against to 4 person teams in a flag game no less. Still got 2nd place :D they were to busy killing each other.
  • ecru
    They need to relax the matchmaking a bit, I've done like 20-25 BG's max on a new character and I'm already getting 10+ minute queues. Everyone wants balanced matches but waiting 10 minutes for a 3v4v4 deathmatch is pretty miserable.
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  • LinearParadox
    Yes, please. I don't even know why this is still a thing.

    What he said!!! :s

    Simple. As stated before, the current "problem" with BGs is actually the result of a sloppy "fix" to another problem, and that was lobbies getting infinitely stuck at 3v4v4 and literally never starting. You could sit there for 30+ minutes and it would never start. So, rather than fixing the issue, they covered it up with a messy stop-gap measure to return baseline playability, and then left it for... ohh... almost a year now?
    Leaving it in for a week, or two, or even a month? I'd deal with it. I'm not unreasonable. But this long without a fix? That's unreasonable.
    ecru wrote: »
    They need to relax the matchmaking a bit, I've done like 20-25 BG's max on a new character and I'm already getting 10+ minute queues. Everyone wants balanced matches but waiting 10 minutes for a 3v4v4 deathmatch is pretty miserable.

    I'm honestly not convinced there even is a matchmaker anymore, given how it utterly fails at creating balanced games the vast majority of the time, enough so that the few, and I mean FEW, games that're actually balanced (maybe one in 5 at most) are purely random chance.
    I'm still consistently matched with people that go 0/10+ with less than 100K damage in the entire round, while consistently pushing 15/20 kills and almost 1mill damage myself. Round after round. Doesn't seem like "matchmaking" to me.
    Far more likely, the growing load times you're experiencing are due to more and more players (such as myself) giving up on PvP because they're fed up with it's tremendous lag issues currently. I haven't played more than maybe one or two BGs since the start of this month, when I used to play for an hour or two nightly.
    Between the mounting que times, the lopsided matches, missing players, and the mountain of lag reducing most fights to "hope you lag less than the other guy" and cutting all skill from the game... it's just not worth trying anymore.

    Don't get me wrong, I miss PvP in this game, I still want to play it, but it's not there anymore.
    It's like your favorite restaurant closed down; you still crave their food, but you know that if you go there, you'll just sit outside an empty building and be disappointed even more.
    Edited by LinearParadox on August 25, 2020 2:25AM
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  • ecru

    This has to be the problem. Either matchmaking is flat out broken, or it's being too picky about matching players up, so we end up with unfilled matches. This character is rank 7, with half of the AP earned in Cyrodiil, so I haven't exactly done a ton of BG's yet, but it's still spending 17+ minutes searching for a "good" matchup for me. Relax the matchmaking ffs.
    Edited by ecru on August 25, 2020 9:18AM
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  • jorrackb16_ESO
    I just had a match where we were the 3 and to make it worse 1 of the 3 players was lvl 10. Matches need to be fair or no point playing.
  • BlackRaidho
    MKintr wrote: »
    pauld1_ESO wrote: »
    ... I will quit every match I am shorted in. ...

    Often the last space fills up during the match.

    No, it actually doesn't.
    When someone on the team of three quits, it almost immediately fills back up to three, but never above three.
    When someone on the teams of four drops, it fills them back up to four while leaving the other team at three.
    It's broken. And it's always Fire Drakes. Watch for that next time it happens. It's a known and reproducible bug.

    Relatable !
  • billywink3b14_ESO
    Have they ever responded to one of the most frustrating issues plaguing battlegrounds????

    I'll live with lag and the game not responding to some commands but to always be at a disadvantage because it wont fill the 4th spot is crazy... this should not be happening.

    Even in games where I'm a full group and I'm like "oh wow this match is going really well!" then I look and see at least 1 team with only 2-3 people. I could argue it makes the match boring anyways since it usually ends quickly. Then it's time to go back in queue and pray that I don't get into the group that never gets a 4th.

    This kills every bit if motivation to play and enjoy BGs.

    pls halp :(
  • Cinbri
    Last 20+bgs i was in never filled team of 2/3 and always against full teams. Guess mmr doing its job but placing you in disadvantage situation :confused:
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