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Bought Hailcinder Mount Pack on Steam, Never Received Mount

Soul Shriven
I've bought this content yesterday and only received 2/3 items: Scroll, crowns, however, there's no mount and I even checked my mail in-game, even on a character with exactly 0 mail, nothing. The reviews are flourishing with the tips of how to find out where this mount can be...confirmed? I've even checked my current mounts and even then, the Elk is still not there and it's bugging me so much. I just really wanted the mount and I just hope it turns up soon...I've even logged out of the game and even quit to see if that worked and it didn't. Someone please just tell me what I need to do...if I am looking in the wrong spot or I need to do something else. Thank you
  • kiksadi
    When I got the mount it was in a container in my inventory that I had to open to release it to add to my collections. The kind of containers you'll open with rewards or gear.
  • ZOS_Bill

    If you do not receive the mount within 24 hours, we recommend opening a ticket with customer support so they can check on your mount entitlements.
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