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Stonethorn Conquerer Challenge Achievement not unlocking

I just finished my first dungeon, Castle Thorn on Veteran and didn’t receive the Xbox One challenge achievement. I checked on TrueAchievements, and there are at least 6 people alone that completed the Veteran dungeons that didn’t earn the challenge as well. Xbox tracker shows 0.00% of players have earned it despite players completing either or on normal or veteran. Can we get an update on this broken challenge before time expires?
  • SerraKBella
    Same - did both the new dungeons on normal (Xbox NA). The achievement for doing both on normal (Stonethorn Scout) unlocked, but not the timed challenge (Stonethorn Conqueror) for only doing one of them.
  • oxHARMONxo
    Any updates to this would be awesome.
  • oxHARMONxo
    Just pzlu30ltpmf3.jpeg
    to follow up, I took a photo of the Xbox screen showing this is still an issue. I haven’t heard any response on whether it’s being looked at or not.
  • oxHARMONxo
    It’s been a week and no update... I just checked and this is still unobtainable. Xbox shows it as 0.00% attained.
  • MRusso89
    Glad I'm not the only one with the issue. I started a discussion on this last week, but never got an answer from ZOS.
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  • oxHARMONxo
    Usually I get a reply by now. It’s been quiet this time around...
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Hey folks,

    We wanted to thank you for your reports and let you all know that we are investigating this issue. Thank you for your understanding.
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  • SerraKBella
    Only 10 more days to get this timed achievement for Xbox. It still shows 0.00% of gamers unlocked. Any news on this or possible extension?
  • oxHARMONxo
    I’m also curious if there was an eta for this as well.
  • oxHARMONxo
    Still needs addressed...
  • stelegrega
    Omg this still isn’t fixed with only 6 days left. Come on @ZOS_Adrikoth , this is getting embarrassing.

    On a flip side, now that Microsoft owns ZOS....maybe these things won’t happen anymore? 🤷‍♂️
  • oxHARMONxo
    The last time a challenge broke was the same time as the next challenge, the witches festival writs of 2019. I do recall that being fixed after two weeks. With just under a week left, fixing it would be clutch, but I wonder if it would unlock if you already completed the dungeons on a character.

    Oh well, hopefully Witches Festival 2.0 isn’t broken too...
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