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Snow Treaders Cyrodiil Lead

It's called "Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates" and apparently the only confirmed drop spot for it is Raelynne Ashham delve boss in the Underpall Cave in Cyrodiil, which makes zero sense to me.
That cave is deep in DC's camp so other factions would have a hard time getting it especially since that's a cave that's going to be camped a lot for that very lead.

There should be at least a cave for each faction that drops this lead, right ? I personally seldom play pvp & all of my characters are either EP or AD, that's why I'm asking: does anyone knows of another cave in Cyrodiil that drops that lead? I've been camping Bloodmayne Cave & Nisin Cave with my AD character to no avail. Any help welcome!
  • Hippie4927
    I took my EP character to a low pop campaign during off hours and had no problem getting that lead. I never ran into another player the whole time I was in the cave or getting to the cave.
    PC/NA/EP ✌️
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    As far as I can tell this can be found in every delve in Cyrodiil. For example, I have found the lead for Snow Treaders (Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates) in Toadstool Hollow.

    Disclaimer - It took me a while, RNG in horrible on those... :/

    But - you can increase your chances by trying to farm it in a delve that has more bosses (more bosses means that they re-spawn faster), that is relatively near your home Alliance territory.
  • Firstmep
    I got this the first week of Greymoor and hardly anyone was farming it.
    Snow treaders aren't that popular.
  • thiste
    OK so a little update from me, I finally had enough & dared go to the underpall cave, got the lead on the second try (while I had been camping delve bosses on the AD side for quite some time without any luck.

    Thank you all for your answers, thank you Tommy for confirming that the lead can be dropped from other places than the underpall cave but it's really baffling to me that there's no confirmation that the lead can be found on each of the three sides.
  • Peacatcher
    Im sure I found it in Kingscrest Cavern. Maybe its any Cyro delve.
    Ps4 EU
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