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Snow Treaders question

Snow Treaders
(1 item) You are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed. While in combat, you cannot Sprint.

Now does that also mean being stunned? Or like when an npc uses a heavy attack that stuns you if not blocked?
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    It does not protect from Stun, Knockback, Fear, Silence. Only Snares and Immobilizations.

    As for the Snare & immobilizations (root)... well it "mostly" protects from Snares & Immobilizations that come from overland / delve sources. Sometimes it also protects from snares in group dungeons and in PvP. "Sometimes" because it only protects from snares / Immobilizations that can be cleansed.

    ...And this is the reason why I think this set is not worth it. It is too unruinable. If some form of CC snare / immobilize that come from a skill is not cleanse-able - then you will be affected. It kinda feels random. I used it in PvE & PvP. In overland PvE it worked very well. But in PvP ? Sometimes I got hit by some random CC that (apparently) was un-cleansable...

    I was using this set since Greymoor launch (I was able to got it quite early) and Imho Kiss - curse effect this set provides (no sprint in combat) is not worth it. If this set protected from all form of CCs then yes. Or all forms of snare & Immobilizations (even not cleansable).
    Edited by Tommy_The_Gun on August 2, 2020 12:40AM
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