Spamming 1 Skill

Executioner, Flurry, whatever. Those skills that are efar and beyond stronger than most of the others. And people over use them repeatly.

I think there should be a incremental increase to the cost of skills used repeatedly. First time normal, 2nd +10% more, 3rd +10% of the 2nd's cost, 4th +10% of the 3rd's cost.

Instead of spamming one skill, cheesing the game, make it so they have to use combinations.

I don't really mind dying when I see 1 person using 3-5 different attacks.

A Screen full of Execution? I want to garrote the bastid in their sleep.
  • areeb14_ESO
  • Amksed1991
    So want to kill someone in their sleep because of an ability they use on you in a video game?

    Big yikes.
  • Gilvoth
    you mean like punching some one to death?
    they only used punch till he died - or stabbing to death.

    there is nothing wrong with using one skill repeatedly.
    and just as advertised -
    "play the way you want to"
    theres nothing wrong with using one skill repeatedly.
  • wheem_ESO
    I've long disliked 1-button spam being so effective for certain builds. A Stamina build that has managed to figure out how to spam his/her Dizzying Swing or Biting Jabs key can be incredibly dangerous, at least in group fights when you've got other things going on as well. Meanwhile, a Magicka build that's doing nothing but spamming Force Pulse can largely be ignored. Or at least, they could be before the heavy handed healing nerf.
  • technohic
    I'll put it this way. When I am fighting a competent opponent, I am buffing up, and applying debuffs, stacking damage and then going into the spammable only when in place and have a window to do so.

    If I spam on you, it's because you do not require any more or, I'm purposely keeping you from cloaking or escaping otherwise.
  • idk
    The executioner is garbage as a spamable until the target's health gets low. Keep your health up and it will keep the skill from becoming effective.
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