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Ghastly Eye Bowl MIA?

I just created a max level character on PTS to test some things out. I read all the recipe books, but Ghastly Eye Bowl is nowhere to be found. Was it removed?
  • ecru
    I don't think it was ever there to begin with. I remember always having to use/craft my own on PTS because I could never find it.
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  • Scaraben_beta
    Yeah, but I’m a NA player, and right now the PTS is EU ...
  • Scaraben_beta
    Disregard. I forgot to pull worms out of the fishing chest, so I didn’t have all the ingredients. Thanks anyway!
  • heaven13
    Disregard. I forgot to pull worms out of the fishing chest, so I didn’t have all the ingredients. Thanks anyway!

    I did the same thing initially. However, the box with all the food for some reason has 2 stacks of lava foot and none of ghastly so I'm wondering if there was some kind of mix up there.
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