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Guild Rejection? Help. looking for Guild.

Hey so I recently sent an application to be in the Florida Fighters Guild, to my surprise they rejected me... even though I live in Florida... their response was we don’t think you live in Florida... and your not old enough.... I’m 24 years old and I live in Miami dade county in Florida. I want to reapply but now I can’t find the guild. How can I reapply, or get a message at least to someone in the guild?

Also if anyone wants to play add me on Xbox, I’m looking for active voice chat guilds that don’t mind beginner players (even though I’m not really a beginner, I’ve been here since beta).
  • JanTanhide
    They probably put you on their Ban list so you cannot apply anymore.
  • x48rph
    Obviously if they rejected you on just their "hunch" without even trying to find out if you really live there, it's probably not the kind of people you want to be in a guild with anyway.
  • Elsonso

    I suppose you could start your own Florida guild... Florida Companions or something like that. I am not sure how one determines where one lives for such a guild, though.
  • Letspretend96
    I was able to join the guild, found it on the zone chat! Thank you guys for the comments and being so helpful! I’m not sure what to think of the guild, it’s not exactly what I thought it would be! @x48rph was right I think! Well see!

    If you guys want to add me to start a guild or active voice chat gaming, letspretend96 !
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