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DW or lightning staff front bar for nb group bomber?

Getting back into the game after taking a break for almost a year.

Previously I front barred dw nirn and precise swords. After looking over everything, having front bar lightning staff and back bar flame staff seems better.

I can keep my soul harvest for ultigen on my front bar still and have my lightning staff on the fb for the extra aoe damage, extra pen, guaranteed status effect application, and magic back from getting kills. I can pop my flame destro on back bar and then switch to front bar (lightning staff) for the extra aoe damage while still having the flame destro for my burning status effects.

With dw, my tooltips are like 200 higher per proxy, sap, and destro. But the aforementioned seems to outweigh the tooltips being a bit lower. Am I missing anything?
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    If you back bar destro front bar dualwield. If you back bar resto front bar lightning destro.
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