The Most Efficent Way Alchemy Discovery and Leveling

  • TigressCreed
    This is amazing thank you!!
    Xbox NA TigressCreed
  • Stingray_67
    Update to include Dragon Rheum:

    33) Dragon Rheum / Dragon Bile / Namira's Rot
    34) Dragon Rheum / Imp Stool / Lady's Smock
  • Minyassa
    This is a great guide, thank you.

    A quick note on how to do this the lazy way if you are on PC: Get the Potion Maker addon, and have all of the above-mentioned ingredients in your inventory/bank/craft bag. Then open the alchemy station, and make sure that nothing is highlighted, and hit Search. A list will pop up with a bunch of lock icons in the rightmost column. Click on each potion with a lock on it and hit R to craft, and it will unlock that potion recipe and tick off that usage for the ingredients. You can go down the list creating locked recipes and it will pop up the ones with ingredients you haven't mastered, and that will actually just present each ingredient to be unlocked as you go. As you master ingredients the locks go away so all you have to look for is that lock icon. I managed to get herbs and poisons finished in just a couple of minutes doing this, it was mindboggling. Great addon.
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