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Re: Update 25 and the disk version

I have the disk version on PS4 of ESO, after reading the update news I am just a little confused and need someone to clarify please.

Will those of us who have the disk version have o delete our current ESO installation or do we just update as usual and the update itself will take care of deleting and replacing the entire installation ?

Many Thanks
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  • Royaji
    (snip) you will still need a disk to play the game after this update if you currently use a disk to launch it.

    As far as uninstalling first, there is no need for you to do anything manually. The patch is like any other update and should write over your previous version of the game.
    Edited by Royaji on February 21, 2020 12:30PM
  • bri5
    But what if I don't want to use a disc anymore, what do I need to do?
  • bri5
    What digital version do I need to buy, just the base game? (The 19.99 one?) I have eso plus
  • dotme
    At this point the disk just verifies that you own the game. You can probably buy the base game digital version, but technically you're already running a digital version since the whole game client is downloaded anyway.

    I am a disk-owning day-1 player and even on launch day the day-1 patch was about 60+ GB if I remember correctly.
  • LeHarrt91
    Also why is the Disc versions file larger than Digital? After download im still around 80GB but a friend who is digital is 67GB.
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