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What was the recent change to the chat API?

Title says it all. With the Update 5.3.5


Refactored the chat formatting API to preserve existing use cases.

We need some more information on this change. It is breaking a lot of addons that were working yesterday.

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BillE

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  • LeglessUK
    not sure, but all my addons that have been updated since patch 25, are now broken again :(
  • NoNameNamer
    They broke everything with this maintenance without a word.
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  • Baertram
    majorana wrote: »
    AFAIK, they made changes to API in 5.3.4 which removed some functionality and the addons made workarounds to accommodate that and in 5.3.5 they made it so that all the functionality is back which broke the addons because they don't need the workaround anymore. Also, I believe most addons are back to working condition as, in most case, it is just getting rid of the workaround

    Correct. If something does not work properly anymore it needs to be updated again to work like intended.
    All prior addon changes just introduced a workaround in order to make the chat addons work until ZOs fixed the way it intentially should work.
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