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Are any previously allowed AddOns or Third Party programs no longer allowed?

Just got this message from a person on the forums.
@ZOS_GinaBruno are some previously allowed AddOns or third party programs (e.g., Tamriel Trade Center client .exe) no longer allowed?

  • Shadowshire

    The matter which you discuss is not a flaw in the game software design, nor an error in its implementation (AKA a "bug").
    So do not be surprised if your OP is moved to another forum and, perhaps, no further replies will be permitted.

    Tamriel Trade Center (TTC) has both:
    1. An add-on, loaded by the game client, which collects data (a) from the player's Guild Store searches, and (b) about items which the player posts to a Guild Store for sale.
    2. An independent executable which does not interact with the ESO game client in any way. It only reads the data file created by the add-on and uploads the content to the TTC website. It reads the data file only while the player reloads the UI, or is viewing the Character Select screen, and after the player Quits the game.
    Of course, players must access the TTC website with a browser, neither of which have any interaction with the ESO game software.

    So, as far as I know, a player who installs and uses Tamriel Trade Center does not violate any ZOS policies or terms of use, either the previous policies and terms or the most recent ones.

    Basically, software which is suspect is any executable which at any time either (a) modifies the game client executable in any way, or (b) creates or modifies input to the game client, and/or (c) modifies the output from the game client -- regardless of whether the player is actively playing TESO during that time. "Software" in this case includes both add-ons which are loaded and executed by the game client, and other applications which run independently from the game client.

    --- Shadowshire .......... ESO Plus on PC NA with Windows 7 Pro SP1

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  • JasonSilverSpring
    @Dusk_Coven please see this post from Gina earlier today:


    Based on that post, I believe there should be no concern about addons.
  • Titain
    New game version, may need re-install addons.
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