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Xbox NA 2 Trials Teams Recruiting VAS+2 and VMoL HM

Quick Recovery has 2 trials teams that are recruiting AND an open beginner's team. Plus open runs and people always looking for fills. We are lookimg for down to earth chill people who want to be serious.

Dirty Mike and the Boys are looking for a permanent DPS.
🗓 Thursday, Saturday, Sunday ⏰ 9pm to 11pm Eastern MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE ALL 3 DAYS
⚔Mag DPS 70k minimum (with ability and drive to push to 75k in the coming weeks)
🎮Looking for a Magcro or Magblade (may consider other classes)
🤖VAS +2 Progression (We havent started yet, so its a great time to join.)

Minor Shade/ Major Salt needs two dps, 70k mag/75k Stam (80k stamcro) minimum with desire to improve. We are currently progressing vMoL HM. Looking for people with vMoL complete and understands HM mechanics.
We run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10pm est.

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Xbox NA Housing Enthusiast & Vet Trial Healer *Heals in all classes*

Vet Trial Necrommancer Tank currently OT in Kynes Aegis

ESO Community Supporter and Tamriel Activist *Doesn't condone the filthy high elf ways*
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    You guys still active?
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