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All the ongoing Mac issues and ZOS# communications failure.

Just thought, since all the other crap is lost in threads with other names, we should remind ZOS that ESO on the Mac is still one of the worst experiences in the Mac universe. Otherwise Gina and the rest of the unstoppable Community team might just be tempted to rest on their laurels... which they never got... so they rest on.... trash?

- Login screen
Lots of users get a white login screen, and have to do some weird stuff in order to get to the Login page

- Fullscreen mode
Remember pre-murkmire, you could actually have the game in real fullscreen and tab out of it. Most people got used to it, but try playing WoW and see how nice that is. And, it obviously can work.

- Spinning toon
Still seems to be an issue, since people complain about it.

- Framerates
Well, or not frame rates. Compared to Windows, Mac frame rates are crappy, although Metal 2 should actually be better using the same hardware.

I am just thinking... There was a pretty much one year announcement that the Launcher would not work. Actually, more than that. And ZOS did not get the Launcher to work until AFTER the launch of Catalina. And they had the nerve to tell us "we found out that the Launcher does not work"... I mean, people here were telling them for ages! But "they found out". Props to ZOS for not reading the forum, and then finding out on their own, I guess. So that makes them a good company. Because they found out by themselves.

Let's see. If I say "Wow, Nightblades are so OP in PvP, let's nerf them" that will be done in a couple days. If I say "The whole game experience on a Mac is trash" it will be done..... never.

Well, ZOS is not seeing any Plus money from me until they fix this. Those 12 Euros a month go to Blizzard now. I feel like they at least care.

  • demerdecanswrath
    I've described my struggles with the .app time and again in here. Not going to do that.

    Instead I'll urge for the millionth time for ZoS to hire. a. macOS. dev. for. a. proper. packaged. application.
    Sure the .app loads the game code, but it's lacking/horrible at every single other thing. What's the point?

    Consistency within each supported platform should be right up there with the performance improvements!!!!!!!!
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  • BlueRaven
    You can add a new weird bug.

    The game now crashes to a Mac (not eso) login screen. Then when you relog back into your computer, eso is still playing (you can hear it) but the application appears to be closed not even showing up in the force quit window.

    The only way to really close eso is to use the “activity monitor” utility.

    Also during this I have a screenshot of the game using over 260% of my cpu. How is that even possible?
  • Deeprave
    BlueRaven wrote: »
    Also during this I have a screenshot of the game using over 260% of my cpu. How is that even possible?

    260% refers to CPU capacity per core. How that actually equates to 100% across all cores depends on how many your system has.
  • Jeth
    I'm certain there is a Pulitzer for the worst development organization of the century. We're less than 20 years in and ZOS has the next 82 years locked up and the prize money will cover their customer loses.
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