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New ESO player here. What are some things you know now you wish you knew when you were new?

  • Stridig
    I agree with all of those who suggested crafting. I would also add to that by encouraging you to get certified in your crafts as soon as possible. Crafting writs are a good way to make gold while learning everything else.
    Enemy to many
    Friend to all
  • WuffyCerulei
    F O O D. It was like I discovered sliced bread when I learned of how good food buffs are.
    And sets. I wore bland armor for so long when I first started. Crafted and dropped sets can pretty much suit anyone’s playstyle.
    Touch my sorc, and I'll have an arrow for that knee of yours.

    PC NA
    CP 1300+
    Star-Sïnger - Khajiit Magicka Sorc - EP General - Flawless Conqueror
    vMA/vBRP/vDSA no death/vHel Ra HM/vAA HM/vSO HM/vMoL HM/vHoF HM/vAS +2/vCR+1/vSS HMs
    Dragon-in-Shadows - Argonian Nightblade Tank - Shadow Breaker
    Eossos - Khajiit Magicka Templar
    Death-Singer - Argonian Magicka Nightblade
    Dark-Star - Khajiit Magicka Dragonknight
    Ice-Dancer - Khajiit Magicka Warden
    Tsalli-ko - Khajiit Stamina Sorcerer
  • Zer0_CooL
    You won't need an axe to chop wood
  • JadonSky
    Add on's are your friend if you have PC. If you are on PC get TTC add-on and Join a good traders guild to make money and don't just sell everything in the merchant. I found out I had sold stuff to merchant that was worth 100-200k gold lol, now I check everything and make lots of money doing so. Also deconstruct anything thats white and don't forget to start researching traits early and always check what you have for research.

    Also LA weaving and not making a hybrid build unless your tank.
  • Snow_White
    - Everything before CP160 is disposable. Don’t get attached to the look and spend anything on upgrading it because it’ll be useless after a few hours of gameplay.

    - I recommend doing all the new DLC as it comes out because that’s where the majority of the player population will be.

    When I started out I didn’t do the DLC the game started me in and went back and started the Coldharbour quest arc because I wanted to experience the game story as originally written.

    Problem was that while I took my time working through the original main quest arc all new content was becoming old content as more DLCs were released. Doing DLC first does mess with the story timeline, but running around through empty game content is a lot less fun than running through full game content.

    - There’s a guy in purple standing outside the crafting hub in Alinor that gives the jewelry crafting writ quest. I spent eight months wondering why there were no jewelry writs before I figured that one out.

    - Read forums and websites. ESO doesn’t do a particularly good job teaching or guiding new players and there’s a lot of things that you might miss (like that guy in purple above).

    - Food. When leveling it makes a big difference. Its like you’re rolling around 2-3 levels higher than what you actually are.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    1. Don't bother collecting "special" gear (the ones with some description or special name). Those will only clutter your inventory.
    2. Don't farm gear, till you are level 50 and 160 CP.
    3. You can skip all of the group dungeons till you are level 50 CP 160 (you may, but the gear you will find will be useless later on as it will be low level).
    4. Deconstruct all gear that you dont use, to increase your crafting level faster. Unless it is CP 160 set gear peace (top level gear) of course.
    5. For WW or Vampire (if you want those that is) you can always get it for free from other players. Don't be fooled as some people will want to charge you money for it, (often quite ridiculously high amounts of gold). Alternatively, you can join a guild, if you can not find any one in zone chat and get it for free.
    6. Don't buy a mount, you will get one for free while levelling up.
    7. Don't hesitate to experiment with skills & morphs and attribute. If you run out of skill points, you can always re-spec them for gold (but there are more than enough skill points, even in a base game).
    8. When you have the mount unlocked, it is best to upgrade Bag Space (carry capability) 1st as it will add up to 60 additional inventory space.
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  • Snow_White
    Riding skills - investing ten points into endurance will make you faster because you spend a lot less time walking/recovering. 10 points will let you run pretty far on most maps.
  • doobat
    When I first started, I didn't know about the focus on either magica or stamina you had to think about when your character levels up. My current main on NA has been respecced several times because of this, but mostly striking was my first respec, when someone pointed out you shouldn't balance out your attribute points :'D

    So, yes, for very basic playing, keeping an eye on stamina versus magica abilities and not mixing them up, plus using food and potions is the main thing.

    Getting crafting cerifications for all crafts as soon as you can on a character is a great idea. By doing writs on your low level character, the idea is that you'll grow your crafting alongside your character, so your character will be able to craft their own gear, for instance at the set stations you can find in all the zones, plus their own food and potions. A lot of your lower level recipes will drop from rewards for doing provisioning writs, and the low level ones required for the writs themselves are usually availlable from brewers and chefs.

    Don't throw away your survey maps! If you're on PC, you can use various add ons that will tell you exactly where to find the sites described by the surveys. Doing the surveys will give you the materials to do your writs!
    PC NA & PC EU
  • Skullstachio
    Advanced tips:
    • doing group dungeons with others on veteran difficulty will yield what’s called “Monster Sets” primarily the helmet only, when doing group dungeons, be sure to check in with Maj, Glirion, and (for DLC dungeons) Urgarlag Chief Bane for pledges that award undaunted keys upon completion, these keys can be used to buy mystery coffers, or even coffers from a specific dungeon which contain a Monster Set Shoulder.
    • Wearing a Full monster Set comprised of the helm and shoulders yield effects unlike almost any other set which can change the way you face your enemies, From a Chance of summoning a Lich crystal to explode and damage foes, to summoning a powerful Daedroth to incinerate your target, to turning your skin into stone (gaining ultimate and increased resistances upon taking damage.) and even turning into a skeleton for a brief period (gaining damage reduction but heal for less.) and much more.
    Xbox LIVE: Skullstachio

    Timezone: (+10:00 AEST) (+11:00 AEDT During Daylight Saving Hours.)

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  • x48rph
    If your on PC download the PTS. This allows you to test a lot of stuff out before you waste money upgrading gear and stuff. A lot of sets look nice when you read what it does but in reality, they don't perform well. I can't stress this enough, you can save a lot of gold and aggravation by testing on PTS first.

    Also, it's a great way to get your character looking perfect before you make them and start leveling. For whatever reason, things on the creation screen never look quite the same in game. Get your sliders and stuff perfect on PTS where you can buy virtually unlimited change tokens to tweak things , then screenshot it all and recreate on the main server.
  • SydneyGrey
    Each public dungeon has one particular boss that will give you a skill point, and one skyshard as well, so if you do three public dungeons you'll come away with a total of four skill points (since three skyshards is another skill point).

    Public dungeons are different than the four-player dungeons that are just called "group dungeons." Group dungeons are harder.
  • Golnebo
    There is an achievement for wearing all purple gear, but there is no achievement for wearing all gold gear. I learned that the hard way by spending a lot of gold for two gold rings and a gold necklace (of some useless set). Later I found out you can check all achievements by pressing J and clicking the achievement icon.

    If you plan to have a magicka based character it is generally a good idea to join the mages guild early and then picking up every lorebook you find in the world. This levels your mages skilline which is very usefull for a magicka based character. The lorebooks that add XP to the mages skill are the purple glowing ones. There are also addons you can use, if you are on PC, that mark them on your map.
    PC - EU

    {Nemesis the Magnificent} - Wannabe Magician with a nack for accidentally killing everything around him - Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Mastercrafter.
    {Knightmare the Wild} - Fiendish Templar Lady with a must kill attitude - Dunmer by birth - EP by choice.
    {Thinks-he-is-Funny} - Tough EP Argonian Dragon Knight. Drinks his ale in Belkarth - Secretly in love with his battlesister Knightmare the Wild. Battlegrounds King.
    {Son-of-a-Witch} - Confused Nightblade who took up the dark arts of black magic. Literally sits in Mournhold all day doing nothing. Dreams of returning to Dragonstar Arena.
    {Eilalenya Alkinaerith} - Strikingly beautiful High Elf of the Aldmeri Dominion - Seducer of men and elves - Learning the Healer ropes. Heals for fun.
    {Blue Bear-y Pie} - Think-outside-the-box Mastercrafter Warden - Enjoys long walks on the beach - Protector of Tamriel's fauna and wildlife - Breton lady.
    {Neopatra} - Grumpy old Veteran - Wreaks havoc in Cyrodill - loves her grandchildren - Redguard Brute. In case of bad mood she turns into a werewolf.
    {Sneaky little Maraya} - Gorgeous Redguard Bombshell - Evil stamsorc who loves to clear dungeons of monsters.
    {Seven of Nirn} - No-nonsense brutal lady-Orc. Always rambling on about the Covenant. Get with it or get out kinda StamSorcOrc.
    {Reeks-of-Incompetence} - Hangs in the balance DK. Studied to become a dentist. Alcohol made her do nothing all day. Argonian Historian.
    {Doctor Whoops} - Self conscious Sorc . Father to 18 children. None of which are anywhere in sight. Proves shield nerfs wrong. Currently doing vDSA.
    {Daisy Deathbringer} - Foul necromancer that likes to hang at funerals and graveyards. Mostly plays with the dead, does not deal much death.
    {Major Defiler} - Lovely necromancer who likes to study life. Puts the word romance in necromance.
    {Cindiana Jones} - Defected Templar. Very deadly in Battlegrounds. Likes to wander around Cyrodill.
    {Sideskirt Bob} - Nightblade who got his nickname when a lady Nord mentioned his waistline.
  • Veinblood1965
    I do this on all my new toons. At the end of the day deconstruct all of your junk armor, weapons and jewelry and even enchants (except ornate items which sell for a lot to vendors) you won't use. You'll get level 50 in all skills within a month that way. As you increase in skills you can also start harvesting better stuff like platinum and Ancestor Silk etc which you can use yourself or sell for a tidy sum. Also when you refine them you gain gold mats which you will need.
    Edited by Veinblood1965 on January 24, 2020 3:26PM
  • Solaire
    Don't queue as a fake Tank/Healer
  • TwiceBornStar
    Following is an excerpt from ''22 Tips for the Sensible Adventurer'', a book that can't be found anywhere in Tamriel.

    1. Avoid Sheogorath if you value your sanity.
    2. Avoid Khajiit if you value your gold.
    3. Avoid Dunmer if you value your happiness.
    4. Avoid Nords if you dislike drunks.
    5. Avoid Argonians if you dislike swamps, mud, wasps and mosquitos.
    6. Avoid Cadwell unless you're one of those who mistakes a pot for a helmet.
    7. Avoid Dragons if you dislike getting roasted, frozen stiff or sapped of all your health.
    8. Avoid Bretons unless you like bloodsucking vampires.
    9. Avoid Redguards if you find sand in your boots annoying.
    10. Avoid High Elves unless you're as arrogant as they are.
    11. Avoid Wood Elves if you're uncomfortable around public nudity.
    12. Avoid Sea Elves if you're afraid of lightning.
    13. Avoid Sea Elves if you can't swim.
    14. Avoid Sea Elves if you get sea-sick easily.
    15. Avoid Sea Elves at all cost.
    16. Avoid World Bosses unless Sotha Sil himself crafted your armor.
    17. Avoid Dungeons unless you know Kung-Fu. (which isn't actually a skill line!)
    18. Avoid Deadra if you value your limbs.
    19. Avoid Deadra if you value your mental health.
    20. Avoid Deadra if you value your health in general.
    21. Avoid Deadra unless you have masochistic tendencies.

    22. HAVE FUN.

  • Aendruu
    I wish I'd known that there's no "kill-stealing". (My apologies to anybody I watched being creamed while I stood around gormlessly!)
    Aendruu Varlakynd 'len Pamela Rondellinwe 'ata Ken'eth Litaagonir 'cal Hannayel-Rhypon
    Psijic Initiate; Phynasterian Perambulator
    Suna ye sunnabe.
    "Bless and blessed be."
  • ghastley
    Another things that's not obvious is slotting a skill on a bar to raise it, even when you don't (or can't) use it there. A two-handed skill on your dual-wield bar, for example. It's something you'd only do when growing a character, so experienced players are past that stage, and only have to remember for their new alts.

    It has the greatest benefit below level 15, when you want to grow the skills for the second bar, before you have one. That way, the second bar has stuff you can really use right away.
  • Veinblood1965
    My suggestion is to start the Dark Brotherhood Quest line ASAP. I was gold poor when I first started and you get the Blade of Woe right off the bat with that quest line. You can use it to assassinate NPC's. Each evening before I logged off I would go to a town and kill every single NPC I could and loot them. Killing them runs up a bounty, it decreases over time however. The reason I did this before I logged off was I'd run up about a 10,000 gold bounty and by the time I logged in the next day it was gone. The thing about this is you get about 5 to 10k gold each day by doing this and only takes a few minutes. My favorite was the town of Rawalkia in Reaper's March as there are tons of NPC's there and most not near any guards and also an INN with no guards. There are about 7 or 8 chests there and a lot of lootable furniture items in the INN.

    It will be really apparent very quickly that this works great and it's fun killing NPC's lol.
  • MitsubishiOutlander
    Soul Shriven
    For those who is new to PC version of Elder Scrolls Online there is couple very helpful addon's you might want to use.

    The first addon I suggest getting is Bandits User Interface. The addon gives helpful info what's going on like what skill a monster is about to use OR what incoming game mechanic is about to happen like in a dungeon.

    If your in a big guild OR multiple guild's another helpful addon is EasyTravel. Let's say you never been to a certain map but you would like to quick travel there. Normally you would have to bring up your guild list find someone in that list that is there on the map. Then right click on their name and choose travel to player.

    By using EasyTravel addon. All you got to do is bring up your map and go to locations TAB. Then just right click on the name of the area you wish to quick travel to. If there is no current guild member on that map is will wait until there is and will quick travel automaticlly once there is.

    If you are someone who swaps gear/skill's a lot then checkout the addon Dressing Room for Greymoor. It allows you to save multiple loadouts like if you use one set of gear/skills for soloing and maybe other gear/skills for group content.

    To be honest there is a lot of useful addon's for ESO far too many to post here about. If you plan on doing group content like dungeons the biggest must have addon has to be Bandits User Interface. As it warns you about incoming skill attacks and what game mechanic is about to happen which you should know about. It gives you other info as well which is very helpful while playing the game.

    Proud Member of Trader Guild: Ancient Traders
  • butterrum222
    Be a crafter, take the time to fill all your research spots and train your mount. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of most new players by even visiting the forums
  • MirandaSharp
    Start your game in the starter zone for your race so you can start the Guild quest lines and remember to always upgrade the speed of your horse(I learnt the hard way when I came to Cyrodiil).
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