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OLD DAGGERFALL - Custom Villages mega-build (pic and video)

Hello fellow builders!
I always wanted to challenge myself to create a custom build that would be better than my Coldharbour Vampire Castle.
What better than an entire village? 2 entire villages! One abandoned and one occupied on the mountain and a giant bridge above waterfall.
How I picture old Daggerfall would be!
Pic and Video links:


  • Poms
    you've out done yourself here Greek! love that bridge...soo many good things going on here...simply amazing!

    thanks for sharing with us
  • Sharalei
    This is amazing! Everything you've built looks authentic, as though it's always been there.

    I was convinced that the structures on top of the cliff were going to prove unreachable, and perhaps even EHT fx. But then you took us there.

    Out of this world!
  • MrGhosty
    Very cool! and good use of the meadow.
    "It is a time of strife and unrest. Armies of revenants and dark spirits manifest in every corner of Tamriel. Winters grow colder and crops fail. Mystics are plagued by nightmares and portents of doom."
  • greekvamp_ESO
    Thank you so much guys :)<3

    I prefer not to use addon FX.
    The Moon-Sugar Meadow is a great place for custom builds (2nd after Coldharbour imo) and cheap compared to other notables, although I was fighting with the "poltergeist" bug >:) over there which seems to be more severe at the meadow (items misplacing themselves, especially when grouped, for ppl who are not aware of that bug).
  • Zypheran
    Absolutely incredible. One of the finest builds I've ever seen.
    Very original and creative. Your building skills are seamless.
    I shared this in my guild
    All my housing builds are available on YouTube
    I am happy to share the EHT save files for most of my builds.
  • Sharalei
    So, I went to visit this in person. Was so lucky to be on NA server. It's so amazing, that I did a shout out to my guild to come see. "Outstanding" and "genius", were just some of the adjectives used to describe this build.

    You have a talent! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)
  • greekvamp_ESO
    Thank you so much also Zypheran. I'm glad you liked it! :)
  • Cloudtrader
    Dang that's cool! Kudos to you!
  • Delphinia
    @greekvamp_ESO , stunning build and unique design 🥂
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Wow, beautiful work! Thanks for sharing @greekvamp_ESO :smile:
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  • bluebird
    Wow that's absolutely amazing! That bridge and those custom clifftop houses are totally immersive, and brilliantly planned out! Great custom windmill, too :smile: I liked how one of the windmill sails was different, nice attention to detail!

    Maybe it's the colour of the giant cliffs or the surrounding scenery or something else, but your build somehow reminds me of the Meteoras in real life! Not sure if you're actually Greek or it's just your username, but that place is also absolutely beautiful. Your build made me long for another vacation there :smiley:
  • Futerko
    It's one of the most stunning house i ever saw :)


    GM Aetherius Art - Housing Guild (PC EU)
  • Ohtimbar
    forever stuck in combat
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