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Too many Siege Weapons in Bank.

I'm not a PvP player and have accumulated so many Siege Weapons I need to find the easiest way to get rid of them and solve a problem.
The problem is one of my characters needs the skill Vigor (Assault skill line) which is rank 5 I think and I'm rank 2. I'm looking to kill two birds with one stone. Free up my Bank space and get that skill.
What would be the easiest way to do this bearing in mind I don't like PvP one bit.

Best Answers

  • Iman_Oldie
    Thanks guys. I put them in a couple of my guilds banks.
    PS4 N/A
    Accepted Answer
  • Jack_TheImpaler
    Go into Cyro with as many as you can carry and just put them down for everyone else to use and encourage a full siege.
    Or go into Cyro, ask to join a group, ask to join a pvp guild then dump in their bank.
  • Rory_FightingToFifty
    Vigor requires a total of 85k AP. Base AP rewards are: capture enemy keep, 6k. Capture resource, 1.5k. Wall repair, 60.

    Killing any delve boss in Cyrodiil gives a 1 hour blessing that gives +20% AP. You can also get more based on alliance buffs, which will show up in your campaign menu. These pop up based on scrolls, keeps owned, etc.

    Go into Cyrodiil on an active night. Make sure to pick up the repeatable quests at your base...these all give decent AP rewards so carry them in case an opportunity arises. Make sure to get your delve buff. Then watch the map...the best time to make gains is when your team pushes forward (when you don’t have many keeps and they start recapturing them). Just follow your team and help out, and be on property when it flips. Then follow them to clean up capturing any enemy resources.

    With the buff, capturing a keep and all its resources totals 10-15k AP. So getting vigor is 6-8 keep capture cycles. When there’s a lull, repair walls/doors. A wall at 80% is worth >1k AP. If the map is active, you can get your Vigor in a couple of hours.
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