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Crash outs followed by can not log in

For the last week plus i crash out of game for multiple reasons
1. just moving - i suspect a soft disconnect do to player versus actual location error resulting in crash out
2.doing turn ins-some times during the turn in routine i can no longer access the turn in npc i can still move about but not interact with objects sometimes a /reloadui will fix the problem sometime this results in a can not talk to server crash out.
3. accessing bankers this is normally confined to accessing only the guild bank side of the house (other things flaky about bankers are)
a. unable to deposit items due to waiting on last transaction message for over a full minute
b. bank content amount display being 0/500 when you know items are in the bank you can deposit but you do risk losing what was deposit sometimes
1. this can be fixed some times by shifting to a different guild or by closing and opening that specific banker selveral times
  • BooPerScOOper
    On PTS?
  • Taleof2Cities
    Make sure your add-ons are up to date, @Vandellia ... with out-of-date add-ons disabled.

    Edited by Taleof2Cities on November 7, 2019 9:41PM
  • Vandellia
    I can turn off all add-ons and the symptoms remain i am normally okay for 1 some times 2 character changes before the cant log back in occurs when the password/select screens are up and i try to log in i get eternal load screen so i have to force terminate that screen I go andi check the the eso loader play is greyed out so i have to close that window to bring back the log in screen selection of character can still result in an error message of still connected if i am not super patient eventually i can get back into game . BTW i never use addons on pts except when i turn them on to see if they error out then turn them off again

    Edited by Vandellia on November 8, 2019 2:46AM
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