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Returning player, in need of financial strategy

First of all, hello again everyone.

Now, I haven't played ESO in years. Last big thing I remembered was the Morrowind DLC, and how they priced it as an expansion. Now I noticed that I could buy Warden for 1500 crowns, but I also noticed a lot more dlc's.

Now I'm wondering if I should pay a little more for more dlc's or not. I honestly don't mind not having access to all content, but I really want the warden class.

The big question really: is Morrowind worth it for its price, if I only want the warden, or would I need Morrowind in the future?

Best Answer

  • KageNin
    Go back , this game is not worth it.
  • kylewwefan
    I don’t know how it works now. As far as buying the expansions.

    I thaught when you bought Summerset, Morrowind was included, but I could be wrong. Now with Elsweyr, I don’t know if Summerset and morrowind are included or not?

    Or even if you buy Morrowind, does the warden class come included?

    Do you buy the warden class completely separate for any or everything? I dont know?

    With Elsweyr, the necromancer class is included. But this is not the question.

    Eso+ gives you access to a lot of dlc, but not the expansions. I think?

    So for $15 you could get a month of eso+ and have enough crowns to buy the warden if you don’t have it already.

  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    kylewwefan wrote: »
    Eso+ gives you access to a lot of dlc, but not the expansions. I think?

    Only the last "expansion" - which means, the current year's expansion, right now, Elsweyr - is not included in ESO+. All "expansions" become DLC after a year. So with ESO+ you have access to very zone in the game - except the last chapter.

    That's only for zones. Extra features like new class or new skill lines (jewelry crafting, warden class, psijic skill line, etc.) must be purchased for crowns, they are not included with ESO+.

  • VaranisArano
    You can sometimes get the previous chapters (now DLC) with a preorder for the Newest Chapter.
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