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EU server instances (dungeon, delve, outlaw) have insanely high ping

EU server is basically on fire, almost every instance is on insane ping besides overland zone instances.
  • Skysenzz
    Tables have turned, Cyro has less lags than battlegrounds. What the actual ***?
    (started feeling lags since friday night on my side)
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  • redgreensunset
    Just went into a public dungeon to grab a skyshard and holy **** the lag. Then tried to do some decorating of the Ebony Flask room, but more lag that made placing anything in decent fashion impossible. I'm the only person in there, it's a tiny room and it was bare when I started and yet.

    Also there were severe log in issues earlier which they claim to have fixed around 2am my time but persisted when I logged on at 9am. They still come and go with very long times spent on "requesting character log in".
  • Banana
    Lucky you fullas got that capacity increase
  • NagyPako
    pls fix it or rip raid tonight.
  • astraelis7
    the new server performance upgrade will bring it back to what it was before dont worry :)))) need to nerf just before you buff so it looks like you did something
  • Alex_Lex
    Well, ZOS simply forgot that they should improve latency to 5 msecs, not to 5 seconds.
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  • ZOS_BillE
    There have been issues over the weekend on the EU megaserver leading to login and loading issues. If you are still having an issue please let us know in this thread.
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  • Taloros
    Fine all day. Then, suddenly, extreme ping in battleground - for everybody.
  • Mizael
    Still insane ping spikes
  • Minyassa
    It's in PC NA too. Last night my friend and I had to just quit playing because she couldn't stay on, the week before it was me. It's the same exact pattern every time for everyone I've spoken to, definitely not on our end.
  • Starlight_Knight
    Can confirm its been shocking all day but getting worse the later on it gets, just had to abandon a nss run because lag was so intense, huge 5 second freezes and 999 ping spike. kind of comical for a bit until the nausea kicked in.
    Dont mind me, im just an endgame player, im not important.
  • SkyMagpie
    It's Monday after the patch on EU and this is still happening. We went to a dungeon and the ping was jumping for no reason, enemies were getting stuck in a loop, attacks come in late, our group can barely do 15k DPS and we usually have 50k.

    This is happening to four people from different countries so it's def a server problem and not an individual problem.

    The game is currently unplayable and I also submitted an ingame ticket for this. I really hope this will be fixed soon because we were really excited for the new combat changes and hoped to try them out in some dungeons/trials :(
  • SkyMagpie
    @ZOS_BillE I have to @ you as the dev who responded to this thread, sorry about that, because the terrible state on EU continues for many of us and we are on day three.

    I don't have any problems on NA where my ping is naturally terrible, but EU is my main server and I am very worried I won't be able to play the game at all. As an active member of this community it does affect me.

    Logging in at prime time means endless loading screens, terrible ping spikes, impossible to complete any content and "Account already logged in" "Requesting log in" forever etc.

    I just wonder if this is an actual problem that your team is looking into and I am willing to wait however long it takes or is this something happening to few of us and in that case I want to bring some awareness to it. Or maybe this is just for Steam users? With the Witches Festival just around the corner I am growing more anxious about this server state. :(
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