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Steam/Mojave not working at all

Can someone please explain in plain language what Steam/Mojave users are supposed to do? I have not upgraded to Catalina yet and the game is completely broken. I can't figure out where to submit a ticket and my experience with response has never been great to start with.

All the discussion here seems to be around how those who upgraded to Catalina and don't use Steam.
  • Vapirko
    Is it just ESO or steam in general?
  • ZOS_Bill

    Could you provide more detail on the exact issue or errors you're getting with ESO and Steam?

    If you need to submit a support ticket you can do so by clicking the link here.
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  • alterfenixeb17_ESO
    If it is one of the recent Steam beta clients then it indeed seems to be broken (even in Catalina where it has issues with deciding what can be run and what not). Currently the only way for me was to revert it to last stable client.
  • fiender66
    I'm using ESO on Mojave/iMac since months, without any hassle (STEAM account). The same with MacBook Pro and eGPU. On this last set I tried to upgrade to Catalina, but had to downgrade for the white screen issue (moreover I was pissed off by all the Catalina security madness). However, again, for me no problem with Mojave/Steam.
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